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Fall 2022

Cybersecurity, MIS 4596

Spring 2022

Web Application Programming, MIS 3502

Lead Global Digital Projects, MIS 3535

Fall 2021

User Experience, MIS 3506

Cloud Architecture, MIS 3406

Spring 2021

Web Application Development, MIS 2402

Upon the completion of this course, I will have learned web-based programming languages including JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. I will have learned how to utilize all three of these languages to create simple interactive websites. Additionally, I will learn elements of jQuery functions. By the end of this course, I will fully understand how to utilize debugging techniques to identify errors and make improvements to my programs.

Data and Analytics, MIS 2502

Upon the completion of this course, I will have learned how to create relational databases and database schemas and how to leverage these tools to improve business processes. Additionally, I will gain experience through querying data from these databases using MySQL Workbench as well as MongoDB. Other programs I will learn include utilizing R and R Studio to construct decision trees. Through this class, I will have learned how to accurately and effectively analyze data, which is an integral element of Data Analytics.


Fall 2020

Information Systems in Organizations, MIS 2101

In this course, I learned the roles of information systems and digital platforms in businesses. Additionally, I learned information about digital products, component-based software architectures, and API’s. The overarching concept of this course was to understand the role of information technology systems in businesses and utilize management tools and applications. These applications included Salesforce and Google Analytics. In addition to these applications, I learned how to utilize customer relationship management systems, enterprise resource systems, swim-lane diagrams, and entity-relationship diagrams to improve business processes. Lastly, I learned basic elements of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS that are used to create a webpage and practiced these programs through coding assignments. I am currently an Information Technology Assistant for this course for the Spring 2021 semester.

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