Briyana Johnson

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: January 2020


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Facebook Product Design Summit

In September, I had the opportunity to go to the Facebook Product Design Summit. Me and 19 other students (both undergrad and grad) went to Menlo Park to experience how product design is incorporated into the company.

I was in Menlo Park for 2 days and each day consisted of different activities. On the first day, we had the opportunity to tour the company. This included Instagram headquarters, the building specific to Oculus and other interesting parts of the company. The designers at Facebook conducted a workshop for us so we could get a better understanding of how they worked on projects. The first workshop was on design thinking. The last workshop was on prototyping in Origami which is a prototyping tool created by Facebook. We ended the day by having dinner with the design team. I had the opportunity to ask them questions about the projects they worked on and what their experience was before getting to Facebook.

The second day of the Summit was more informational. I had the opportunity to hear from recruiters and what they’re looking for. We also had the opportunity to speak to new grads who are working within the company straight out of graduating. One designer was talking about projects she works on is within emerging markets. To end off the day, we got to have a one on one meeting with designers to get feedback on our portfolios.

This experience was great because I got to spend an extended amount of time seeing how Facebook operates. Also being in Silicon Valley was interesting. Everyone I spoke to was in tech in some way.


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