Briyana Johnson

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: January 2020


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Fox IT Career Fair

At the Fox IT Career Fair, I had the opportunity to meet recruiters and learn more about positions I never considered taking for internships and post-grad employment. It was important to me to talk to a variety of companies and see what they had to offer even if it wasn’t related to UX Design. I spoke to a recruiter at NBC Universals table and learned about the rotation program they have. It was interesting to hear how I would be able to try out different positions within the company before I decided to pick which one I wanted to stick with.

I spoke with Comcast and EY about the current UX design positions they had. I was given the contact names of recruiters who knew more about those specific positions and later contacted them about more information. Overall it was good for me to see what other positions there are out there for me to apply yo when I’m ready. I sometimes get stuck only looking into UX? Product design but after this career fair, I began thinking of also applying to Product Manager positions.

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