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The Six Morning Habits of High Performers

What you learned

  • I learned about the six habits that can help improve your lifestyle and help achieve your goals. The acronym that this podcast used to describe this is SAVERS.
    • The S stands for silence.
      • Silence in this acronym generally stands for your alone time. The idea of silence is to recompose yourself after some sort of work to ensure you arent overloading yourself.
    • The A stands for affirmations.
      • Affirmations in this accronym generally stands for your goals. The idea of goals is to set a positive mindset for yourself everyday by understanding what must be accomplished before you call it a day.
    • The V stands for visualization.
      • Visualization is pretty self explanatory; this portion represents how you want yourself to be viewed and what steps can you take to accomplish that idea.
    • The E stands for exercise.
      • Exercise is an important component of self health. Even if its the smallest amount, a little bit of exercise can go a long way in determining your thought process for the day.
    • The R stands for reading.
      • Reading is an important concept to help your brain grow. Your brain is the most valuable asset you have. Just reading a little bit everyday can help you become more insightful about different topics of the world.
    • The S stands for scribing.
      • Scribing is another way of saying to write. Even it\’s for a little, journaling can help self growth. Reflecting is also a great way to reflect back on your past.



How the activity relates to coursework or your career goals

  • This activity has helped me develop healthy habits that help me understand the pressure of the world as a young adult.
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