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2021 Johnson and Johnson Case Competition

Describe the challenge/competition

  1. 1st place
  2. Johnson & Johnson
  3. My team and I were presented with the challenge of choosing various strategies to gain the most profitability post-acquisition. The competition occurred on February 26th, 2021 via Zoom. We won a cash prize for getting 1st place at Temple\’s division, and are moving on for the corporate case where we will compete with 13 other schools. My team consisted of students with various Fox majors:
    1. Lilianna Ruby (finance and economics)
    2. Will Strassner (accounting and MIS)
    3. India Eklind (finance and risk management)
    4. Shannon Milligan (finance and entrepreneurship)
    5. Zach Device (finance)
  4. I learned how to test the sensitivity of different strategies when going through an acquisition.
  5. This activity relates to my career goals because I was able to use finance to test different strategies and determine which were the best/most profitable. However, I was also able to integrate MIS during Q&A when asked for support in our decisions.
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