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AIS Mentorship Program

AIS Mentorship Program

At Temple, I have been a part of the AIS Mentorship Program for 4 semesters. I was a mentee for my first 2 semesters, then I transitioned to being a mentor. 

Mentee Experience:

After I declared my major in MIS, I decided to sign up for the Association for Information Systems Mentorship Program. I was paired with Kyra Shiomos. Kyra and I both had a similar interest in Healthcare IT, so it was great being able to discuss her industry experience. Throughout the semester, we spoke about her past internship, current classes, along with my own goals that I hope to achieve at Temple. Being a part of the program has definitely contributed to my success, and I hope to serve as a mentor to incoming MIS students!

Mentor Experience: 

In Fall 2019 and Spring 2020, I had two mentees: Emily Mellon and Kayla McCauley. Over the course of two semesters, I was available to help them adjust to the MIS coursework and answer any questions they had. During this time, I developed friendships with both Emily and Kayla, and we still stay in touch today!

Here is a picture of me, Emily, and Kayla at an AIS Social Event!




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