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UX Design Project

For my Digital Solutions Studio course, I was given a website to redesign with the goal of enhancing the user experience. Throughout this semester-long project, I learned how to navigate WordPress and how to successfully conduct usability tests. In addition to WordPress, I also used external sources such as Canva and GIPHY to incorporate timelines and gifs for easier discoverability of information.

This was one of my favorite projects so far as an MIS major at Temple. With the skills I learned in MIS 3506, I was able to incorporate my own thoughts and ideas while also applying Don Norman’s design principles. Ultimately, this project allowed me to showcase my UX design skills and creativity. 

Click the following link below to view a video of my final website:

Pennsylvania Toll Calculator Project

In my Enterprise IT Architecture course, we had a semester-long project that required us to create a Pennsylvania Turnpike Toll Calculator using Amazon Web Services and Node.js. 

Click the following link below to view my final submission for the project:


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