Claudine Youssef

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2018


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During the Summer of 2016, I became an intern for Philadelphia Gas Works in the Gas and Acquisitions Department. Philadelphia Gas Works provides gas to commercial and residual customers in all of Philadelphia. The non-profit company also monitors any gas brought in by different suppliers. The specific department I interned for gave nominations for quantities of gas that were being moved into Philadelphia through a system called Retail Operations. During my time there, I assisted with the transition of a new system, Gastar, that is vital in regulating gas for over 500,000+ customers in Philadelphia. I provided data for interrogatories and monthly reports that indicate prices and quantity changes for auditing purposes. My daily tasks included importing, exporting, and analyzing weather data for gas quantity control and billing information within the Electronic Bulletin. Through the Electronic Bulletin, I was able to communicate messages to different suppliers about quantity changes, penalties given, and nominations that needed to be made.

Working as an intern at Philadelphia Gas Works instilled in me a deeper respect for the role of technology and data analysis. It is through these different systems, Retail Operation and Gastar, that PGW has the means to provide people with heat for their homes and, in some cases, gas to cook with. My daily tasks taught me how past data can be used to make future predictions about how much gas residents will likely use and what this gas is likely to cost. This internship at PGW gave me both hands on technical experience as well as a broad overview of business analytics. I was very lucky to have such a great internship experience.


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