Claudine Youssef

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2018


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During the Summer of 2017, I worked as an intern for Prudential Financial Inc. in the Incident Management Department. The long-term goal of the Incident Management Department is to keep the business up and operating. If there is a problem within the business, the goal would be to get the business up and running as fast and efficiently as possible. Noticing relevant trends, finding efficient ways to process and present data, and making modes of communication more transparent helped the department realize this goal daily. My daily tasks included reaching out to resolve alerts for over 65 different servers, identifying patterns within different applications, and submitting tickets to suppress alerts all leading to increased efficiency. I have worked with different applications including Remedy, Skype, Lotus Notes, Outlook, Excel, ORC, ARC, and Iceland to create queries, analyze raw data trends, and contact information. I have contacted dozens of teams and individuals to elicit the next steps to resolve the alerts within different servers. One of the most critical skills that I have learned from my time with Prudential is the importance of working and communicating in a team environment. Prudential has taught me that every individual plays a crucial role in keeping the business up and running. Good communication is a crucial part of  keeping a large company connected and moving toward the same goals.

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