Corinne Margel

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2022


MIS Badge

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  1. Assist scrum teams, specifically business analysts, with application development.
  2. I worked on a project to implement new features onto a current platform, Service Desk, to better suit the business needs.  I met with the business unit to see what specializations needed to be made to current applications. I wrote the requirements to begin the process of changing the application to better suit the business unit’s needs. To write requirements and show what step the project was in during development, I used the Atlassian software, Confluence and Jira.  I also met with the business unit and the development team to help them both understand the issue and how the application was going to be changed. If the development team has questions or needed more information from the business unit, I would communicate with the business unit and help them to better understand the issue.
  3. I learned how a team works together to build applications. Although everyone has a specific part, they all work closely towards a common goal. I also learned the various steps that go into application development and the difference between agile and waterfall methodology. I became familiar with my role, being in MIS, and how someone is needed to communicate business needs to the more technical development team.
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