Dariya Apsenbetova

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2020


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Personal Branding Workshop

I have visited the personal branding workshop that talked about the importance of the self image and how to manage it professionally so people will have a good perspective of you. We talked about who we are, what we want to do and what makes different or how we create value for others.

I learned that professional personal branding is important because it can increase the earning potential, draws beneficial people, increasing credibility, the leadership role and greater recognition. I learned about several personal brand aspects such as tagline, personality and imagery/logo. I learned how it is important to know your value based on my accomplishments, experience and what others in my industry are getting paid. I learned how to recognize my niche and communication. How it is important to keep your social media updated and separate it from personal and professional content.

Overall it was very insightful and helpful to know that a strong personal brand is not about how long you have been building it, but how well you have been doing it.

Office Visit to Saxbys

There is no better experience than to see physically the place of your favorite coffee company and see how it actually works. It brought me to behind the scenes look at what it will be like to work at Saxbys or how to open and operate the business like Saxbys Coffee. Nick Bayer, the CEO of the company told us how he started the business and what obstacles he faced during the process. It was really insightful and useful to hear what to expect from the people you are trying to work with, what you should focus on first and also what are the right decisions in different business problems.

I learned how to manage various critical situations and what role information systems play in the organization. I also learned about resilience, persistence, and the ability to pivot in unforeseen circumstances- skills that will help me to succeed in my professional life.

Data Analytics Challenge 

One of the useful and interesting experiences that I have was participating in Data analytics challenge. My team were analyzing how could media companies and, specifically, sports networks such as those powered by the NBC Sports Group, align with and/or adapt to eSport trends to ensure they remain a leading engagement and delivery platform for sports entertainment.

My team have searched for many statistics and datasets, and turned them into a detailed and easily understood report that will be insightful for the company. We have analyzed dozens of reports and conducted a presentation that demonstrates common demographics between eSports and traditional sports and changes what media companies should make to better connect to the audience. We have used the data visualizations such as bar graphs, charts and tables to deliver our findings to the company in the simplest way. I have learned how to filter the information and work with datasets proficiently. This experience helped me to analyze the data sets and convert it into useful materials.

Here is the link to the team project: https://www.slideshare.net/DariyaApsenbetova/data-analytics-2018-presentation

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