David A. Dupell

Major: BBA Accounting
Graduation: May 2014


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WALMARTDuring April of 2013, Magen Sheeran and I entered an Advisory and IT Risk case competition. This was a National competition held by the Association of Information Systems global student chapter. The competition was sponsored by Walmart and held in Bentonville, Arkansas. The case competition focused on determining whether or not a healthcare clinic should out source there IT or keep there IT in house. There was a series of risks the clinic would face with each scenario. We opted to choose a SaaS vendor and identified our large impact risks as increased costs and compliance issues around public health information and health information technology under HIPAA and HITECH law. As a team, Magen and I conducted a detail risk assessment based on the risks we have identified, identified key controls that would be effective at mitigating the risks we have identified, and developed an audit process that would allow the organization to determine whether or not key controls were being carried out properly and effectively. Magen and I placed 2nd place in this competition. Below is a picture of participating members from the Temple AIS Chapter.


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