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New Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Cybersecurity Reporting Rules for Public Companies

In this webinar, we learned about new rules and regulations being put in place that public companies must follow to comply with SEC laws. We also learned about past laws regarding cybersecurity and the risks of data leaks. We discussed how frequent and severe cyber attacks are and that there is huge demand in the cybersecurity field even today, as cyber attacks are not going away and there’s no easy solution to avoid them. My role in this activity was to simply listen and to understand what was happening in the activity and it was sponsored by a professor at Temple who gave a presentation on the aforementioned topics. I enjoyed listening to this webinar, as I’ve been meaning to learn more about the cybersecurity industry and I think this meeting gave me a strong foundational understanding of why cybersecurity is so important and why cybersecurity analysts are in such high demand.

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