Jack Geiger

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2021


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  1. In the Project Analyst position I was in charge of learning and understanding the processes that go into a smooth operation at EPC. At first, I figured that this wouldn’t be too complex of a job until I saw the sheer size of the factory.  There are 27 injection molding machines each with different tonnages. These machines run different sized molds and the sizes of the molds are dictated by the tonnage of each machine. This aspect of the machines took me an extra-long time to understand because bottlenecking, and maintenance of these machines had to be carefully calculated to ensure the most efficient process. Tasks that I was assigned to started to change my job title from project analyst to project management, although both are MIS related positions, I really started to enjoy the project management side more. One of the assigned tasks that really got me intrigued in project management was when I was asked to manage a portion of the 4 yards more factory. 4 yards more is their golf sector where they make golf tees with lower friction pins (very similar to the bottom of golf shoes) these three lower friction pins are used to touch less of the ball and thus allow it to go further. Being in charge of a portion of this process really put into perspective the importance as well as my own interest in such a position.
  2. Some of my favorite projects we worked on this summer were of course the project management portion of 4 yards more. As well as the analytical side of the injection molding machines for larger more complex designs like the mortar delivery tube we created. This mortar delivery tube is in essence a packaging for being able to ship a 155mm mortar just like a brown box for amazon. The mortar tube was the most intensive project in regard to attention to detail and over all work to be able to produce the product. Whereas 4 yards more was my favorite product because as a huge golf fan to be able to go and test a product that you saw being produced from ground floor up and work as well as it does is quite amazing
  3. I learned so much in this amazing internship from injection molding all the way to client relations. This internship I believe epitomizes what it means to be an MIS major. Majority of my time at EPC was living in the world between the analytical side of the business (Solidworks, which is the software used for molding) and the customer, or employee side of the business. My position along with Mr. Carroll’s (President of the company) was very much based on understanding the problem and working to find the solution. I find this internship to relate to 2502 (data analytics) because of the fact that they both deal heavily with information which needs to be organized and filtered to find the solution. I also believe that this internship relates to ERDs that are used in 2101 because it helps us to illustrate our most practical and efficient path to take with the machines.
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