Jake Hofmann

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2020


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My name is Jake Hofmann, and I am a 21-year-old rising senior in the University Honors Program at Temple University. I am originally from Bucks County, a short drive from the university itself. My interest in technology, especially in the context of business led me to pursue a degree in Management Information Systems. I am an active member of the Association for Information Systems, and plan on attending all future meetings and events.

In my free time I enjoy watching sports, listening to music, and cooking. As a loyal Philadelphia sports fan, I make time to watch each 76ers and Eagles game, and on occasion a Flyers game. Cooking is something I have enjoyed doing since I was a child, although my true passion lies in eating the final product. This interest comes into play in my current position as a sous-chef in a 5-star dining experience kitchen. My favorite musical artist is Frank Ocean, more specifically his albums Nostalgia Ultra and Channel Orange.

Based on my experience as an MIS major so far, I have great interest in databases. In Data Analytics class, learning the SQL language was completely new to me due to the fact that I had no prior coding experience whatsoever. Despite this, I grew a passion for it and in turn the material felt easy to me solely because I enjoyed doing it. Then later on in Data Centric Application Development I was able to apply this material in the use of PHP Data Objects. This was a challenge, but when I understood the ins and outs of using PDOs I realized how useful they were. The fact that so much data can be stored in a database and be manipulated and retrieved so easily amazes me. This leads me to believe I will pursue a career as a database analyst, or something similar.

Professional Achievements

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