Jake Hofmann

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2020


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Honors Guerilla Altruism

Although technically an architecture class, I learned the importance of keeping the surrounding communities in mind as a powerful business or organization. This class taught an important lesson in morality and being able to see from another’s perspective. From a business perspective, I realized that certain decisions made by a company, although legal, can be seriously immoral and harmful to people. I spoke with people displaced from their homes that they had lived in for decades due to certain business entities acting with only their financial benefit in mind. The importance of the social aspect of the triple bottom line is key to maintaining success in my future endeavors.

Legal Environment of Business

An understanding of the legality of business decisions brought upon by this class allowed me to see how careful one most be in order to avoid breaking the law. If I do pursue my interests as a database analyst, that brings upon certain legal responsibilities. Having access to a company’s information as well as its customers’ means having to understand confidentiality laws. Being part of an operating business also means reporting anything illegal going on inside a company, which requires a general knowledge of labor laws and other related topics.

Law & American Society

This class gave me an in-depth understanding of the United States Constitution, legal system, how crimes are classified, and provided real-life examples to explain the criminal justice process in this country. This essentially goes hand in hand with Legal Environment of Business, but has a more specific application to the laws of the United States of America. In order to keep myself protected as an employee, I see it to be important that I know my rights in the country that I will be working in. Also, there are many crimes that can be committed in and against a business and since being an employee of a company means bettering the company in any way one can, one should be able to see and prevent these things from happening.

Data Analytics

In this class I learned to build, edit, and delete databases using SQL. We also touched on data analytics using the R language through RStudio. This class was crucial to my future success, as I hope to become a database analyst. Using SQL and R has given me an insight on how the world of database management and data analytics works, and sparked my interest in the subject itself.

Data Centric Application Development

Through this challenging course, I gained knowledge in the HTML, PHP, and SQL programming languages. I also learned how to write PHP code that interacts with an external database. This class gave me real-world experience in the sense that my problem-solving skill was constantly tested through various challenges with little instruction. Being able to adapt, solve, and keep calm in high-pressure situations are all things I have become more efficient at due to this course, and I will use those skills in my future career.

Professional Achievements

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