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IT Intern

IT Intern

Westchester County Government

June 3rd, 2019 – August 5th, 2019

The Westchester County Government is a large government agency home to well over 1,000 employees and located in White Plains, NY. The department in which I was employed in was Information Technology.

My job task included business analysis and software development

Projects that I worked on included:

·      Design and develop a user-friendly web application to automate key business processes

·      Edit content and HTML code for weekly subscription newsletter emails

Through this internship experience, I learned what it’s like to work alongside another intern to develop a prototype, similar to what I did in MIS3506. After learning all about Adobe Dreamweaver, which is a web development tool, we were able to design an innovative solution for the IT department. I learned that communication is key when it comes to a project like this because having everyone on the same page, makes it easier to design a solution that your stakeholders are looking for.

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