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Courses I’m currently taking/completed.

MIS 2401: Digital Systems

This introductory course thoroughly explained the advancement of technology on a larger, real-world scale. Industries such as cloud computing, web design, artificial intelligence, and data analytics were all described. In this course, we dived into the use of Salesforce, JavaScript, and HTML/CSS for web design. This course was a great way for me to learn the basics of programming. The assignments in the course sparked my interest to learn other programming languages and also develop more projects.

MIS 2402: Web Applications Development

This course dives into the essentials of web development, we learned the ins-and-outs of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery to create a functional site. Web Applications Development was essential in my ability to build the core layers of web pages. This class also had an impact in helping me learn how to follow a system, which I’ve been adapting in order to complete personal projects.

MIS 2502: Data and Analytics

This course officially introduces programming languages such as R and SQL to students. Learning the fundamentals of analyzing data is a great foundation for beginning to do so. Data Analytics really taught me how to read and understand data, which the information derived can be used to make better business decisions. Learning Rstudio and SQL also helped me in attaining my RPA internship this summer.






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