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John Obassy


John Obassy 267.265.5701  |  |



TEMPLE UNIVERSITY,FoxSchoolofBusiness,Philadelphia,PA

          Bachelor of Business Administration, May 2022 | Spring – Fall 2021 Dean’s List

          Major: Management Information Systems | GPA: 3.73




Software Development:     C#, Python, VB.Net, JavaScript (Node.js, React, Express)

Amazon Web Services:      EC2, S3, VPC, IAM, ELB, EBS, DynamoDB, RDS

Database Management:    MySQL, PostgreSQL, Bash, ZSH, R, Vertabelo, Firebase

Tools/Applications:           Git, Jira, Confluence, UiPath, VS Code, Postman, Slack

Methodologies:                 Agile (Jira), SDLC, OOP, RPA Framework, CI/CD (Jenkins)



Toll Calculator: Developed a prototype application, both front-end and back-end, that displays toll, driving distance and estimated driving time between interchanges on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The user specifies the interchanges that the driver is getting on/off and their payment method.  The back-end system returns the toll and location (latitude/longitude) of the interchanges.  The front-end uses the Google Distance Matrix API to get the driving distance and estimated driving time.  The application is deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and leverages a VPC, public and private subnets, security groups, web servers, application servers, RDS, load balancers and auto scaling groups to provide an ultra-scalable and robust systems.



              MassMutual, Boston, MA (Remote)

         Robotics Process Automation Developer                                            August 2021 – Current

  • Developed bots that automate and modify Citrix-based applications, Excel workbooks, and PDF forms resulting in an ROI of $29,000 per year.
  • Delivered technical presentations on the new capabilities of GitHub Desktop resulting in 3% faster deployments to production across robotics team.
  • Wrote scripts and deployed automations to production that reduce redundant tasks by 70%-90% for sales and business departments.
  • Utilized APIs and data analysis applications to perform functionality, usability, and performance testing on various bots and complex programs.


       MassMutual, Boston, MA (Remote)

Robotics Process Automation Developer Intern                                May 2021 – August 2021

  • Developed new bot activities with mentor-developer and executed IUT on new code.
  • Identified test scenarios needed for new bots and facilitated Tester project team meetings.
  • Created design documents for new bot enhancements and contributed to workshops.


Temple University IBIT, Philadelphia, PA

Web Developer Consultant                                                           November 2020 – May 2021

  • Developed websites using JavaScript, HTML/CSS, WordPress, and Shopify tools to enhance sites and increase sales for
  • Assisted local businesses to adapt with post COVID-19 environments by creating a   digital identity and recovered sites that crashed from outages.



  • UiPath – RPA Developer Foundation
  • AIS Small Business Consultant
    • Member, National Society of Black Engineers, 2020 – present
    • Member, M.O.O.T.H Organization, 2018 – present


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