John Perrotta

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: August 2018


MIS Badge

Official Professional Achievement badge awarded by the Department of Management Information Systems

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Relevant Coursework

MIS 2501 – Entreprise IT Architecture

Utilized Microsoft Azure to build the backbone for a company’s file sharing and employee machine usage. Learned how to deploy a web server and access it publicly on the internet.

The skills gained in this course helped me build the backend architecture for Vitris using AWS.

MIS 3501 – Data-Centric Application Development & MIS 3502 – Application Integration and Evaluation

Learned the basics of html, css, js, jquery, json, and php to deploy cloud based applications. Focused on mySql queries paired with php/pdo to build web 2.0 applications focused on CRUD principles.

I used the foundation built in this course to continue learning outside of the classroom on more advanced web development technologies and techniques. This knowledge is what allows me to lead a team of talented developers and build cutting edge progressive web applications.

MIS 3535 – Lead Global Digital Projects

Worked with a client on a real world problem they faced integrating their application with Amazon’s Alexa API. As project manager of a 6 person team we developed a solution together and presented it to the client. See our project management plan attached below.


Courtney was an excellent professor because she provided real world examples and uses for the information based on her experience at various technology firms. The project management and organization techniques she taught us greatly helped me with managing our teams and making sure our projects are completed on time.

Professional Achievements

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