John Perrotta

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: August 2018


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Crystal Fruit is a full service development and design firm specializing in mobile responsive websites and modern design principles such as material design. Crystal Fruit was started at Temple by John Nguyen and Cameron Spencer, they quickly brought me on board as an influx in projects left them struggling to manage their expanding development teams. Since I was the only one on the team with business experience I was also asked to keep the financial books.

My primary responsibilities at Crystal Fruit were to manage the develop teams, reach out to prospects, foster relationships with organizations to funnel sales (Temple’s Blackstone), and track the company’s financials. I immediately implemented an agile development cycle to more easily delegate tasks to our fragmented developers.

The List of Websites I managed the development for:

Preferred Home Improvements – Met with the owner and convinced him we could build a more cost effective website while increasing his web traffic compared to his current developer. (They’ve since switched to the Vitris platform)

Platinum Brands – Again I met with the owner, a young Temple entrepreneur. We helped develop his online presence and establish his branding agency’s credibility. This is an example of a perfect client relationship, we continued to work together and realized the complimentary skills we possess to better serve business owners.

Upper Bucks Spine Care –  Relayed the medical information for the clients needs to the development team to produce a static website for the surgeon that contained medically factual information.

I truly learned the importance of team management as it pertains to accomplishing tasks in a timely manner. Before we implemented project management practices I learned in MIS 3535 our teams were all over the place and we were constantly behind schedule, afterwards we gave clients reliable timelines which we always hit either on time or ahead of time.

Professional Achievements

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