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UX Website Design

UX Website Design – Digital Solutions Studio

With this project I was given the task of creating a website for a dry cleaning company. The needs of the company were to provide an online platform that would promote their business and allow customers to request services. Using WordPress to create the site I implemented a scheduling system that would allow customers to pick the date and time in which they would want their clothing to be picked up, as well as basic information necessary to keep contact with the customer. Below is a video walkthrough of my final project.

IBIT Digital Transformation Project

IBIT Digital Transformation Project – R.U.K.

With this project I worked with a Social Media Marketing student with the goal of improving e-commerce for our client, Roy Urban Kollection. This project was scheduled to have 10 days of work dedicated to improving various problems the client was experiencing including website design issues, SEO issues, and POS issues. These 10 days also included meetings with the client and team, updating everyone on the progress the individual tasks. This was followed by  10 days of support, assisting the client with any issues once the site was complete.

Improving website design was mainly focused on improving the navigation of the site, as it was very one dimensional to begin with. This was improved by including links, buttons, and clickable images that would help redirect the user to either desired pages or related pages. I also made text and page formatting consistent throughout the entire site and changed the theme to make the content on each page stand out.

Improving SEO on the clients site was a main focus for a majority of this project as this allowed the client to increase his google ranking and improve traffic to his site. This included improving site keywords, implementing those keywords throughout the site, and multiple link building strategies. I will include the PowerPoint of my SEO strategy that I presented to the client below.

R.U.K. SEO Strategy

Synchronizing my clients POS system with his website was possibly the biggest challenge throughout this project. My client used Square to record in person sales and inventory and wanted to link this platform with his website that was created via Wix. this task was no issue, but the problem that arose was synchronizing inventory between the two platforms, as there was no automatic way to do this. My solution to this problem was providing my client with a “master” CSV file of his inventory that could be imported and exported between the two platforms, thus keeping them synchronized.

Overall this was a great experience that really tested my abilities of time management and problem solving. I look forward to doing more of these projects for IBIT in the future and hope to be involved in this environment more as I begin my career.

Click HERE to view the site I worked on for Roy Urban Kollection.

IBIT/CDI Challenge – Alexion Challenge

IBIT/CDI Challenge – Alexion Challenge

This project was a required group assignment for MIS 2502. The goal of this project was to take clinical trail data on rare diseases and see if funding for these trials affected the outcome of the results. My group used R – studio in order to create graphics of the given data. This allowed us to make a more educated conclusion on the results, which we wrote a one page summary on.

To view our graphics click HERE

To view our summary click HERE

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