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MIS 3502 – Web Service Programming

MIS 3502 is a course where I learned how to create simple API’s and how to develop code on both the client and server side of an application. Not only did I have to tie together all my coding knowledge from previous courses, but I also had to use my knowledge on SQL. These skills were utilized to create my group’s final project, which was an energy calculator tracker/calculator. The user would fill out desired information in order to track their energy consumption, and the API kept history of all records added for the user. The user could then check the history of their previous entries as well as delete entries if they so desire. The history page also provided a graph to visually show the users energy consumption. As an add on, we gave the user a energy calculator, to make estimations of future energy consumption.

MIS  3535 – Lead Global Digital Projects

MIS 3535  is a course in which I learned how to create digital projects within the SCRUM framework. I worked with a group of students to help enhance the design and functionality of our client’s website (Heroic Gardens). This involved completely switching platforms and restructuring the layout to provide fluid navigation for any level user. We also offered the client additional systems and services, for example we created a CRM system that automatically collected data from user application submissions on the website. On top of that we created a newsletter and SEO tips to improve marketing and further grow the clients brand.

MIS 3506 – Digital Solutions Studios

MIS 3506 focused on Normans concepts and the relationship between UX (User Experience) and consumers. learning the elements involved in a design that help consumers understand a product and its uses was important for success in this course. This was my favorite course so far, as it allowed me to have a lot of creative freedom in order to satisfy the users needs. For the final project, I created a website for a dry cleaning company that promoted the company as well as created an online platform for customers to request services. This site was used as an example to inspire future students for the fall 2020 semester and can be viewed in the PROJECTS section of my E-portfolio.

MIS 3406  – Enterprise IT Architecture

MIS 3406 is a course where I learned how to deploy cloud-based applications through Amazon Web Services or AWS. This course taught me how to create EC2 instances, RDS instances, auto-scaling groups, and more. I also learned how to combine this skill with past programming skills in order to create applications that run on a server created on the AWS cloud.

MIS 2502 – Data Analytics

MIS 2502 focused on the many ways to manipulate data, using different tools and programs throughout the course. I learned how to create ERD and database schemas, which was something that was taught briefly during MIS 2101. I learned how to write SQL queries in order to retrieve data from a database using the MySQL program. I also learned how to operate R and Rstudio in order to create decision trees, association rules, and clustering segmentations. These allowed me to make informed decisions from the data used to create them.

MIS 2402 – Data-Centric Application Development

MIS 2402 is a course where I learned web-based coding languages, such as HTML, CSS,  Javascript, and JQuery. I learned how to implement these languages to form simple web pages. I also learned to use API, Ajax, and JSON to retrieve and post data. This helped expand the the possibilities of web page creation and helped prepare me for MIS 3406.

MIS 2101 – Information Systems Organizations

MIS 2101 is an introductory course to the Management Information Systems major where students learn the basic foundation of the MIS itself. previous to taking this course I was a new transfer to Temple University who’s major was marketing. This course showed me how MIS implements all levels of business along with IT skills in order to create change technologically within firms. This is the course that caught my interest with MIS and ultimately led me to the decision of changing my major.

MIS 0855 – Data Science

Data Science is an introductory course in data visualization, where students learn different ways to present data making it easier to read and understand. Students gain experience with data presenting software, such as Tableau, which helps users present data as information for use of the user.

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