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MIS Course Projects

Examples and descriptions projects from MIS courses:

  • In my MIS2101 class, we were required to create a site and used Google Analytics to trace the traffic information. This information told me the number of people who viewed the page, sessions, users, pages/session, average session duration, bounce rate, etc.

Google analytics for site


  • In my MIS2502 class, we were required to create a entity relationship diagram based off of a problem scenario from a made up taxi service app. This project allowed me to learn the connection between entities, attributes, and relationships.


  • In my MIS2502 class, I had a project that had to do with pivot tables in an excel spreadsheet. By entering the pivot table, it allowed me to analyze and locate the data that was needed to answer the questions that were asked for the assignment. Pivot tables are used for locating information quickly which is why it is used so often especially for spreadsheets with a lot of data.

Pivot Tables Project

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