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IBIT Mentoring Program

I was nominated for the IBIT mentoring program, a unique opportunity to interact with a wise, experienced, and trusted mentor in a one-to-one meeting. My mentor was Vince Ford, Senior Vice President of Digital Innovation & Strategy at Curtis Institute of Music. Over the semester, we conducted two virtual meetings, where I received answers to professional questions and advice to improve my professional development. I have learned from hearing my mentor’s perspective on various aspects.

From this mentoring program, I learned that working in an industry that interests you are just as important as discovering a career you would like to do. Since technology is involved in every field, seeking the field you are interested in and then looking for a specific job in that field would be more motivating as you work. Utilizing every opportunity to practice how you express yourself would benefit you in the long term. It may be normal to change jobs around the first ten years. However, after 2-3 jobs bounce it leaves a bad impression. The job may be different from what you have expected, but it is always great to try the job for a while to determine if you like it. It may take time to discover what you are passionate about, and it would be worth it.

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