Lavar C. Jackson

Major: BBA Human Resource Management
Graduation: January 2013


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Who Is Christopher Jackson ?

Lavar Jackson is an African American Male from a small city outside of Philadelphia PA named Chester, born to the parents of Carla Tilghman and Winifred Jackson. He has always prided his self on education and believes that by staying positive and developing a vast knowledge base would aid him in his quest to success, and along his lifelong expedition he has equipped himself with tools to achieve the objectives that he has established. Throughout the course of his life he has been faced with a great deal adversity, by involving himself in extracurricular activities, staying focused and building a strong support group he has been able to construct a blueprint for a prosperous lifestyle. He also believes in giving back and sharing all the resources and outlets that he has been so reluctant to stumble upon. Lavar Jackson is a team player, an athlete, student, role model and most importantly a success story in the making.


“It is possible to fail in many ways…while to succeed
is possible only in one way.”
            — Aristotle

About Me

I currently attend Temple University and I am in pursuit of my B.B.A in human resource management and minor in management information systems. After completion I intend on obtaining my MBA and implementing the knowledge I have accrued from my academia circuit into a resource management position. I would like to replicate a diligent work ethic, demonstrate exuberant and enthusiastic work habits and also take full advantage of my academic background in business administration. I will complete my B.B.A in Human Resource Management and minor in MIS in December of two thousand twelve.

Professional Achievements

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