Lavar C. Jackson

Major: BBA Human Resource Management
Graduation: January 2013


MIS Badge

Official Professional Achievement badge awarded by the Department of Management Information Systems

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  • I am a huge Sports Fan I played four sport throughout my high school career
  • I am Computer Geek, many of friends call me first when the PC is malfunctioning
  • I am able to write accurately with both hands meaning i am amphibious or ambidextrous
  • Take my education very passionately
  • I am the 3rd oldest out of my six Siblings
  • I am really Into Real Estate
  • I am very Humble
  • Had my first real job at age 14
  • I am apart of Big brothers big sisters


              • Basketball
              • Browsing Social Networks
              • Fixing Computers
              • Online Shopping
              • Reading
              • Drawing
              • Web Designing
              • Fantasy Sports

Professional Achievements

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