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Technology Consulting Intern, Microsoft Team

Technology Consulting Intern at Ernst & Young

Job Function

  • Performed thorough QA testing in Microsoft Dynamics for a global software development project
  • Managed sprint scopes, work items, user acceptance criteria, and test case development in Azure DevOps
  • Implemented a new security role tagging system to better organize work items & increase efficiency
  • Communicated


  • Created Azure DevOps tagging system to separate work items by security role, increasing efficiency of both the QA and Development teams
  • Earned Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Fundamentals Certification
  • Presented project timeline and work item updates to QA team on a weekly basis

Throughout my experience at EY, I gained technical experience working with Azure DevOps and Microsoft Dynamics 365. In Azure DevOps, I learned about the ins and outs of building a test plan, running test cases, logging bugs, managing the flow of work items, and analyzing user acceptance criteria. With Microsoft Dynamics, I learned about different CRM customization options, analytical features of the field service and sales applications, and low-code development. The technical projects I worked on at EY were direct extensions of my learning in MIS classes such as Web Service Programming, UX Design, and Digital Systems. Not only did I gain critical technical experience during this summer, but I also built upon my soft skills. Regularly speaking to different teams with varying levels of technical aptitude helped improve my communication skills and learn to adjust my messaging to keep everyone on the same page. Working through complex test cases also improved my attention to detail and problem-solving skills as I had to be aware of minor nuances in the system or gaps in testing steps. Also, because the project was so large and had multiple workstreams, I had to manage my time effectively to complete several important tasks with short turnaround times. I believe all of my experiences this summer have made me a stronger student, teammate, and young professional.

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