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Spring 2020

Digital Systems (MIS 2101): In this class, I was introduced to information systems and digital platforms in businesses and learned how digital products are conceived, designed, secured and deployed. By learning about software architecture, I learned how to build simple software applications.

Fall 2020

Web Application Development (MIS 2402): By taking this course, I learned how to create web-based applications that carry out a business process and integrate web-based services. I implemented my learned knowledge of HTML, Javascript and CSS to create a functioning website.

Data Analytics (MIS 2502): In this course, I learned how to use different softwares such and languages such as R, SQL and MySQL and Mongo DB. We used these languages and softwares to learn about data mining and data analysis.

Spring 2021

Cloud Architecture (MIS 3406): In this course, my classmates and I navigated through Amazon Web Services (AWS) for a more hands on approach to learning the course material. We were tasked with designing and building cloud-based network infrastructures.

User Experience Design (MIS 3506): In the course, I was taught how to analyze a website and implement various concepts in order to make the user experience complete. In the first half of the semester, we spent our time analyzing our given website and creating solutions to make it better. In the second half of the course, my partner and I created a website called “Temple’s Lunch Box. This website is intended to help hungry college students decided where to eat on campus with a campus map and food truck options included as well as games.

Support a small business and visit one of Temple’s food trucks!


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