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Weekly Question #11: Complete by April 24, 2017

Leave your response to the question below as a comment on this post by the beginning of class on April 24, 2017. It only needs to be three or four sentences.

What was the most important takeaway (from your perspective) from this course? If you had to explain to a future MIS0855 scholar what this course was about, what would you say?

39 Responses to Weekly Question #11: Complete by April 24, 2017

  • The most important takeaway from this course, in my perspective, is simply the fact that data can be applicable to almost any situation. This is true in two ways: 1) almost everything done or doable can have data to be extracted from it, and 2) when data is extracted, its applicability and usage is essentially infinite. Data can be found everywhere, and data analysis can be used for anything. I would tell a future MIS 0855 scholar that this course is about what data is, the various kinds of data, how companies, organizations, and governments use data, and the various flaws/shortcomings of big data.

  • The most important takeaway ( in my perspective ) from this course is clearly tha data is everywhere. I would explain a future MIS0855 scholar that this class is all about explain what data is. It also teaches you how to analyize data. This course gives you better understanding on how to compare and contrast data using excell and tableau.

  • The most important takeaway from this course is that not only is data anywhere, but everyone can benefit from using it and understanding it. This course teaches students where to find data, the benefits of data, how to explain it to others, and how to apply it to everyday life. Using software like tableau and excel helps students understand where the data is coming from, learn how to manipulate it, analyze it, and use it productively.

  • A data-driven service that I use every-day would be my iPhone’s music app. When organizing the applications aspects in a spreadsheet, the rows would possess the song title in which would be to correlate with the columns. Each column would have a unique data target, those would include, Artist name, Album title, the release date, the length of the song, as well as the genre of music in which the song is native to.

  • The most important takeaway I have from this class will be the in-class assignments we did on sentiment analysis. While I have taken classes on data analytics before and have used these skills in various projects and internships, I had never before heard of or worked with sentiment analysis. It was particularly cool to analyze Twitter data. I have logged the files we used to complete these analyses so that I can use them later on in the real world. To future students, I would say this class is about learning about real tools you can use in various work environments. It’s not a class where you learn about vocabulary and processes and such. It’s a class where you really learn how to analyze and present data… and this is extremely beneficial in future work applications considering how much we rely on data nowadays.

  • I believe the most important takeaway from this course was that data can be applicable to any major, not just MIS. I think this course is beneficial for any major because you also get to learn and use a new software. I would explain to a future MIS0885 scholar that this course will give you a better understanding of data and the various types and specifics of data.

  • I just changed my major from visual studies to advertising and data science was a Gen. Ed. I chose to take for my graduation requirements. This semester, I took core advertising classes and learned about the field of advertising and how each role contributes to the final product. When I first began this data science course, I did not quite understand how it related to my major. I knew data was important in advertising, but I was not clear of what this course would teach me. After almost completing this course, I now understand that data is everywhere and can be applied to almost any situation. Specifically when dealing with my major, data can be used to learn and understand more about a product, service, or even a person to be able to market and sell more products.

    • Advertising is becoming data science. Between the programmatic and algorithm driven ads to the direct response, advertising execs need to know the data more than the creative to survive. The creative still wins, but the metrics are what keep you employed. In advertising I’d recommend researching Tradedesk, which just went public. Tradedesk has the data game down better than anyone else for now.

      It’s probably a nice place to think about working down the line.

  • The most important takeaway from this course is that data is available, accessible, but also can be deceiving. Data is everywhere, and everything technology related is heavily correlated with data. The government provides an extensive amount of data, and companies themselves are beginning to employ individuals in managing their own forms of data. But, with this heavy data use comes problems. Data can be used to say just about anything, and that answer may not even be a relevant one. Though data is used in a positive way, and is becoming more prevalent in today’s society and businesses, we also have to be careful in how we use that data.

  • The most essential thing I learned from this course is that data is everywhere and is applicable to almost any situation in any field. As an Advertising major, I’ve learned from both this class and my major courses that data extremely important and useful in learning about customers and sending personal brand messages to them. I would explain to a future MIS0855 scholar that this course is all about data: where data comes from, what data means, how to analyze data and drive knowledge from it, and how to be careful when dealing with big data.

  • I learned that data can apply to every major and consecutively, field. Whatever job you choose, you must be able to look at data and apply it to your position. In all aspects of Accounting(my major), the use of data is going to be super important, especially auditing, which is what I am leaning towards. I am pretty excited to be able to tell my future employer that I have Tableau knowledge–I think this will be a major hiring point for any future jobs I apply for.

  • The most important takeaway was the importance that data has at current time and the increasing importance in the future. Knowing that data can be applied in so many ways will help keep the idea that it could and should be used in a situation. As for how I would describe the class, it was about data, how and why it’s used.

  • The most important thing I learned is how important data really is. In every aspect of a person’s job or even daily life, you can somehow extract data from it. Data can be found anywhere and can tell a story of where the data was from. It can be an infinite source that can be used anywhere. I would tell a MIS 0855 scholar that this class is all about data. It explains what data is, the different forms of data, and how anyone can use data in any way.

  • The most important takeaway from this course would be that data comes in many forms (good and bad) and that it can be found nearly anywhere. Data science is a course where students learn the difference between good and bad data sets, how to integrate the data set into some sort of graph to make it simple for the viewers, and to combine all the graphs to make an infographic to display all the findings. These skills are useful and can be applied in our daily lives.

  • The most important takeaway from this class would have to be the different forms of data manipulation using software programs such as Tableau and Excel. Excel data analysis is imperative for anyone pursuing a market research/data analyst position. Data science embodies all of the processes necessary with bring analysis to fruition using data of all sorts.

  • Most import aspect from this course for me is to understand the audience you are trying to communicate with. Being aware of what data and how you present that data matters. My favorite part was twitter sentiment analysis, would love to see more like this.

  • The most important takeaway from this course is how to analyse data and visualize data in an effective way. Data science plays a more and more important role in today’s society, so it is necessary for everyone, including who are not data science major, to learn how to use data to tell good stories, and make it simple and clear for the audiences to understand the data presented. Data science can be applied to many different fields, so we ought to learn something about how to deal with data.

  • For me the most important takeaway is that I realize the important impact of data analysis. People can use past data to predict future and make decision. We are able to have a scientific and rational way to solve many problems. This course also taught us how to use useful tools to analyze data, like Tableau and Excel, which has wide application in the future and help us work efficiently.

  • The most important take away from this course is that data is everywhere and how important data to our lives now. Raw data does not tell or mean anything, but once it turns into information, it can give a lot of benefits. This is course for me is to realize data is everywhere, how important it is and how to analyze it to apply it to everyday life.

  • The most important takeaway I picked up from this course is that data is everywhere and is now a part of our daily life. Describing this course would be summed up by being able to manipulate data to make it more useful than it was. Data science is not limited to just a few a majors but can be applied to almost any major.

  • In my perspective, the most important takeaway from this class is how important data can be in all different situations and that data is everywhere. As a finance major, I realized that I will be dealing with data for the rest of my life. Tableau was also a very important tool that I have never used before this class, but think it will be useful in the future for me.

  • My most important takeaway from this course was how to use tableau to analyze data sets and visually represent my findings. I feel as though I will be able to better work with data for future projects/courses. I also have a greater appreciation for gathering data to create data sets and transforming it so ti is standardized.

  • The most important takeaway from this class was the introduction to the importance and impact of data. Not everyone may use tableau moving forward in their careers, but learning how impactful data can be, how to spot bad data, or understanding the relationships between data and users will be relevant in everyone’s careers. I would tell someone looking to take this class that you actually get a lot of useful information from this gen ed.

  • The most important thing I learned was how data is used in our everyday lives and how we can use it to our advantage. Data can be found and used in a multitude of ways, all of which can be useful. The course also warned against data reliance which is a huge part of becoming data literate. The course achieves its main goal of creating higher data literacy.

  • The most important takeaway from this class in my opinion is how important data aggregation and analytics has become to big companies. Companies are spending millions of dollars to better understand their customers and employees through data analytics. I would say this course is about understanding the different forms of data, where it comes from, and how people today are using data to change the world

  • The most important takeaway I got from this class is obviously that data is everywhere. But beyond that, just because the data exists, A) doesn’t mean the data is right, and B) doesn’t mean there is an answer there. What matters more than the data itself is knowing how to use the tools needed to organize, analyze, and evaluate it — and also how to turn those findings into something that can be consumed and understood by someone else (visualize it!).

    I would tell a future MIS0855 student that the course will help you understand data’s importance, and barriers to its effectiveness. It will also teach you enough about Excel that you can actually list it as a valid skill on your resume.

  • The most important take away for me from this course is the ability to analyze data to my benefit. You start to understand the important role data can play for any company in order to find problems or benefits that no one else see’s. Becoming really good will give a better understanding of future events. Relying on what data says is always safer.

  • I would say the most important take away from this class would be the relevance of data in almost every career. It was awesome to see the various usage of data in every day life and how it can make tasks easier and faster to complete. Understanding the versatility of data will help people in their career and keep up with changing trends in people’s careers. Being able to adapt to technology trends separates people in their career and gives them a step up to join management platforms.

  • What I think is the most important take away from this class is the hands on experience with tableau and manipulating different data sets.

  • The most important takeaway from this course is that data is everywhere. In addition to needing to understand how to manipulate and analyze data in any type of career, it is equally important to understand how to spot bad data visualizations and the like in our everyday lives when we look at social media and television. It is often important, both in work and our personal lives, to dig deeper into important issues instead of accepting the possible incorrect data that is thrown at us. The key is to be questionable, and take the time to find the truth.

  • I think that the most important takeaway from this class is that everywhere you look, there will always be data. It was great to see the application of many different kinds of data and data representations. It is very important to be able to find bad data and what to do with that bad data.

  • As a business major, I would say the most important takeaway from this class was learning to properly use tools such as Tableau and, most importantly, Excel. Excel is a tool that essentially everyone in the field of business will be forced to use at some point, and tricks like cleaning data can be applied to a wide spectrum of sheets and tasks. Excel proficiency is a great addition to a resume, and some jobs even require it.
    I would tell a future MIS0855 student that this class is focused on learning about the importance of data, how we come across data every day, how we can improve it, and how we can properly use it.

  • The most important takeaway from this class is how to present the data, and identifying good/bad data. Management of data is not as easy as it sounds, after this class I learned a lot with managing data in many ways and which is the best to present it. Through this course, I can identify bad data and visualize it. I also feel that I am more competent to be in a job which requires presentation and analyzing hypnosis through data.

  • I would say that data is everywhere all the time. No matter what field of work you end up going into, data will be involved somehow. In this course you learn about data and different types of data. Through this we learned to interpret it and do things like are charts to read it better. Overall this course a great course to help you understand how our world works.

  • I would say the most important takeaway from this course is definitely knowing how to apply data and learning that data is absolutely everywhere. We learned different ways to read data and the different types of data there are.

  • This class is about the business uses for and implications of data in general with special regard to big data. It teaches about the types of data, where it comes from and exists in the world. It also covers how to convert data into knowledge and base business decisions on it.

  • The most important take way from this course is that data is everywhere, and it is important to take it into account when working on projects. It is also important to assure that data is credible and is captured appropriately. It is also important to always ask questions about the data you come across and see what else you can find out.

  • I’m graduating in a few weeks so for me my biggest takeaway is that whatever job I have in my future, data will most likely play an important role. As a Marketing major I enjoyed the assignments where we managed data visualizations. Tableau is a useful tool that felt good to get hands on experience with. Also I liked the discussion of dirty data and learning how to clean it up. Excel is a tool that many people use in their day-to-day work and it was and the class provided useful experience to learn to manage data.

  • The most important takeaway is that data is part of everything we do, it is used to explain so many things that you not have thought of otherwise. That this class is used to give you a general grasp on Big data as well as give you tools to better understand and use systems like tableau and pitckochart. Leaving this class you will have a better understanding of the digital world as a whole.

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