MIS 2101.001 – Adam Alalouf – Fall 2017


Faculty, Fox School of Business, Temple University


MIS 2101: Information Systems in Organizations

Graduate MBA
MIS 5402: Technology and Innovation in the Age of Information

Email: adam.alalouf@temple.edu


Adam is the director of marketing and technology at Mesa Technical Associates, Inc. and Mesa Veterans Power, LLC. His work entails launching and monitoring digital marketing campaigns and protecting the organization’s brand collateral and knowledge capital. He is the organization’s system administrator for NetSuite, a cloud business platform. He is also the administrator for other enterprise cloud subscriptions, such as Microsoft 365, Adobe Creative Cloud, Google Apps, Google Analytics, and Google AdWords. Adam manages various projects at Mesa, including print and digital marketing campaigns, trade show presence, ERP implementation and administration, and operational and financial oversight. One of Adam’s greatest assets is his ability to improve processes through meticulous attention to detail and creativity in approach to systems optimization.

Adam is from Jerusalem, Israel. He enjoys physical exercise, painting and etching, playing the piano and the guitar, singing, cooking, and dancing.

He speaks English, Hebrew, and Spanish, can get by in French, Italian, and Arabic, and can read in four different alphabets (Roman, Hebrew, Arabic, and Greek). Native Icelanders say his pronunciation in Icelandic is flawless (just ask him to say the name of the famous Icelandic volcano,Eyjafjallajökull, or the name of the quaint town of Kirkjubæjarklaustur).

Adam is interested in the future of machine learning and technology as the world experiences accelerating change. He urges his students to remember that while technology has many benefits, it also has many hazards. This is evident in the widespread addiction to digital content and notifications. He also reminds his students that the convenience of having the world at one’s finger tips can come at the expense of one’s privacy, security, autonomy, and knowledge fidelity in the long run.

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