MIS 2101.001 – Adam Alalouf – Fall 2017

Learn IT! #1

Overview: In this assignment, you will setup a profile on the e-portfolio site, create an e-portfolio, configure Google Analytics to collect information about visitors visiting your site and network with others on the e-Portfolio site.

NB: Make sure you remember your e-portfolio URL. Also, make sure you are working in the correct domain: eportfolios.fox.temple.edu, and not community.mis.temple.edu (the domain on which this course site is built). The domain eportfolios.fox.temple.edu is specifically set up for students taking MIS 2101 and 2901. If you try building an eportfolio on community.mis.temple.edu, or if you create your eportfolio and then search for it on community.mis.temple.edu, you will run into issues. 

Detailed instructionsePortfolio_Revised_AA

Submission: All homework submissions should be emailed to the Box destination folder by using the address 2101_Fa.eo59d2kzuwy15imq@u.box.com. Make sure your submission has the assignment name, your name, and TUID. 

Always save your document with the naming convention LastName_FirstName_AssignmentName. 

Due Date: 9/14

*** Remember, no late assignments will be accepted!


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