Information Systems in Organizations

MIS 2101.001 – Adam Alalouf – Fall 2017

Quiz 10/19

  • In this talk, Jamie says that trust between buyers and sellers is driven by what?
  • What is the effect on product prices? 
  • What is the effect on product quality? 
  • What is the effect on competition between innovators?
  • Do you think that the Long Tail framework applies in this case? Why or why not? 

Quiz 10/12

According to David McCandless, data is the new what?
According to the talk, what country has the largest military budget?
Which country has the largest military budget to GDP ratio?
The guiding principle behind the Political Spectrum diagram is what?
This talk is about telling beautiful visual stories out of what?

Max Lab Help Desk

ITAs are available to assist you if you’re having trouble completing the labs. The Help Desk is located on the 6th floor of Alter Hall, in one of the labs as specified. Here is the Help Desk schedule:

Monday, Oct 2:
602, 8AM-10AM
Tuesday, Oct 3:
603, 12:30 PM-1:30PM
Wednesday, Oct 4:
602, 2PM-4PM
Thursday, Oct 5:
603, 12:30 PM-1:30PM
Friday, Oct 6:
603, 10AM-12PM
602, 4:30PM-5:30PM
Monday, Oct 9
602, 8AM-10AM
602, 2PM-4PM

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