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Weekly Question #5

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Here is the question:

This week we talked about SCM & CRM and heard various viewpoints on which systems people use.  Which do you think is more important to an organization?  Why?  Alternatively, we talked about CRMs and how organizations utilize data to learn more about the customers – how do you feel about this?  What CRMs have you had experience interacting with and explain how it affected your customer experience. 

30 Responses to Weekly Question #5

  • I think CRM is more important to an organization because it is customer focused, and organizations are driven by the revenue that customers create. I think that organizations must gather and use data related to their customers, but this must always be done ethically and not in a manipulative or intrusive way. To some degree, utilizing data in this way will enable them to provide a better customer experience, which is in the customer’s best interest. I have used Goldmine, SAP CRM, and Microsoft Dynamics. The required field and prioritized information for each influenced what conversations I had with my customers and with what urgency.

  • I think when we really boil it down to which is important, I would have to say CRM is more important. I chose CRM because without customers and maintaining good relationships with the customers, you won’t have any business. If you don’t have any business/customers, then there will be an over abundance of supply on your hands and eventually you won’t need any supply because no one is shopping at your business. Once CRM can be mastered, I feel like SCM becomes very important, especially in regards to costs/expenses. An example of CRM I use at my job right now is our Siebel Systems. I work as a financial advisor and each interaction we have with our client gets recorded into a Siebel System. It basically generates notes based on the investment related conversations we have with our customers, or any conversations for that matter, so when they call next, we have something to reference. This helps our transactions with our clients go a lot smoother, especially when we can reference a previous note and provide exceptional customer service to our clients.

  • CRM is more important than SCM because if you have poor relationships with your customers than you risk losing a source of revenue. In addition, having poor relationships with your customers can give your company a bad reputation within your industry or marketplace. I think it is essential for companies to use data to track information about their customers as long as they are not overly invasive or acting in an unethical, conniving manner. I have experience using a cloud-based CRM named Bullhorn. My experience with Bullhorn was good because it has a simple interface and it never had any significant technical problems.

  • I would think that the CRM system is more important since without a customer you have no business and in turn wouldn’t need a SCM system. An organization without a good customer base really has solid sales and the expectation of less sales means less of a need for a SCM system. The CRM systems can yield tremendous benefits for potential and existing customers for an organization. The CRM system can help with increasing sales of existing customers by showing an organization what these customers purchase, how much they purchase and what other items they might be interested in. The data these systems provide can also drive new leads to potential customers and ultimately bring in more customers by understanding their needs prior to any sales pitch.

    I work with a vendor in my organization that uses a CRM system and I can tell they do because when they come onsite they often reference it when they are in meeting with me and my team. The keep notes about things we are interested in and products we have shown interest in. This helps them remember what to bring up in discussion and circle back to see if we want to move forward with any of them.

  • Of course having an efficient SCM system provides great savings and generates higher profits for a company, but I believe CRM is a bit more important to an organization since the customer ultimately is in the center of everything. I work for a bank and we realize that customers can bank anywhere as all financial institutions offer similar products and services. What makes us better than our competition is the excellent service we provide to our customers and the strive for true relationship building while helping them succeed financially. In the last few months the bank has implemented CRV system which among many functions also generates leads containing anniversaries with the bank and customers’ birthdays. That makes customers feel valued and appreciated. We also conduct surveys after each interaction to hear what our customers like or dislike about us, or any advice they have for us, so we can improve our customer’s satisfaction. I have noticed that since we’re held to really high customer service standards at work, my expectations for a better customer experience have increased as well and it affects my choices for dining, shopping etc.

  • In terms of data collection, I think CRM is better by far. To keep track of customer interactions and organize that information efficiently, CRM is very important. SCM is also important for some business, especially where a product is being shipped. For other companies that don’t sell products as opposed to services, CRM is more beneficial. I personally have used Mindbody for work and it is great in terms of keeping track of my clients and separating active vs inactive clients. It is especially helpful when looking back on customer interactions. I think collecting data about customers is very important to better serve them in the long run, rather than give them unnecessary information.

    • Both CRM and SCM are essential to organizations. An organization selling a service is not going to need a sophisticated supply chain so CRM is going to be more important. An organization selling a manufactured product is going to rely heavily on it’s supply chain to ensure maximum efficiency. SCM is going to be more important to these organizations.

  • When deciding between CRM and SCM I think the CRM is most important for the business as a whole but as when it comes to important systems SCM would be the most important. A business is ran in order to receive profit and if you don’t have customers buying your product you would not benefit. No matter what your business is you are impacting someone in some way, making a profit in another way; concluding that though the SCM system is always beneficial to an organization, having customers and individuals that will always need your product is more important. I work in a restaurant which uses a CRM to track orders, popular items and the busiest hours of the day. I think this aspect of a business is important in order to keep organized and highlight the most beneficial outcomes.

  • If it comes down to being narrowed down to either or, I would say that having a CRM is more important–though I do think that it is probably also dependent on the business. It is important to be able to keep customer interactions, customer data, etc. organized in order to keep customer satisfaction and return rate high. I think that it is beneficial to the business for the organizations to use the CRMs to gather data to learn more about the customer (such as whether he or she is a hot lead or the like). It helps to eliminate wasted time and money for the company. As far as CRMs that I have experience interacting with, I know that I have experience with a few, but can’t come up with the names of any. I used to work at a car dealership and the company used a pretty high-level CRM system that generated e-mails after a customer would come in for a visit and would organize when to follow-up after a week, 30 days, etc. It was very helpful for the company and much more so than others that I have used.

  • Both CRM and SCM are essential to organizations. An organization selling a service is not going to need a sophisticated supply chain so CRM is going to be more important. An organization selling a manufactured product is going to rely heavily on it’s supply chain to ensure maximum efficiency. SCM is going to be more important to these organizations.

  • To be honest, both two systems are important for the company, but in my opinion, the CRM system may be more important for a firm. The most important thing for a firm is creating the product that what their customers need. In any ways, customer is always the most important part for a company to stand by and keep working. Based on this opinion, the CRM system could help the company to collect as more as possible information about their customers, therefore, the CRM system should be more important.

  • Both systems play important roles for the company, but I think CRM is far more important than SCM. Taking care of the customers first should always be a priority to any organization because that’s what keeps the company up and running. CRM helps market the organization and once businesses gain enough money, then they can update their SCM to make it easier for them to distribute raw materials easier. Either way both software systems are extremely important to an organization, but I happen to believe in taking care of the customers first and then worry about SCM later. While some organizations will think they need a better distribution service to all depends on what type of business they are running. Utilizing data to learn more about the customers is great because it’s doing whatever we can as an organization to provide better experience for their customers.

  • I think that CRM systems are more integral to business success because they are customer focused. Although SCM create ease for internal operations, CRM systems directly impact the customer and helps add value to the organization through the eyes of the customer because they have direct contact with the impacts of these systems. A CRM system that I have interacted with at work sends updates to clients about payments they have made and payments they have due. This helps them to set up payment plans in a way that makes the customer feel supported.

  • I think that CRM systems are integral to business success because it directly impacts the relationship that the customer has with the business. By putting the customer first, they cultivate a relationship that is otherwise not there. A CRM system that I have worked with is one that sends information to our clients about bills they have paid as well as outstanding payments. It helps them develop a payment plan in a way that they feel supported by our company.

  • I think CRM is better so far. To track customer interactions and effectively organize information, CRM is very important. Supply chain management is also important for some companies, especially when products are shipped. For other companies that do not sell products instead of services, CRM has advantages. Personally, I personally use Mindbody to work well, track my clients and separate active and inactive clients. This is especially useful when reviewing customer interactions. I believe that, in the long run, collecting customer data is very important to improve customer service, rather than providing them with unnecessary information.

  • As many stated before both CRM and SCM are extremely important when owning or running a business. CRM is more important because it deals with customers. All business rely on customers, even a huge Internet business like facebook. facebook does not collect money from its users, however they collect money from advertisements. During that process facebook now can call their ad buyers customers. Without customers business will not get anywhere. Customer interactions and customer data is vital in having repeating customers which help a business thrive. At work we use a system called bread crumb. They have servers walk around with iPads after the customers have eaten and paid their bill we ask them if they’d like to fill out a survey. It has the servers name time all the good information. As well asking asking the customers email, experience, cost, the vital information. That information is stored and sent to a bigger database where they send emails to the customers and receive more information. Ultimately bringing customers back with rewards or birthday cards. This is good customer service in some eyes, but can also be a annoyance to some customers as well as all servers 🙂

  • I think both systems play a big role for businesses. However, I do believe CRM is a bit more important than SCM. In any business the customer aspect is the most important because they are part of the reason any business is profitable. SCM does also impact a business by making the management of the flow of good and services easier. I worked at a bank which used a CRM to sent out automatic payment reminders, account activity notifications, and emails after customer visits that would help schedule future meetings.

  • Both are very important parts of business development and growth. CRM systems serve an important role in providing efficient and strategic methods to track customer behavior, which provide sales teams valuable data in developing new and maintaining existing relationships. SCM systems are even more critical. Disruptions in a supply chain directly affects current business processes and can ultimately force production to a halt. Having SCM systems can detect these potential threats and determine resolutions as to avoid disruptions. If a company only invests in CRM, they could end up having a large customer base and no way to fulfill incoming sales orders as a result of a poor SCM system.

  • Both SCM and CRM are important systems. However, I think that CRM is more important to an organization due to the fact that it is customer oriented. It is a tool that organizations use to help with the processes, procedures, and strategies. One of the articles this week discussed that the customers are the ones who determine whether a company will be successful or unsuccessful and I believe that CRM has a major role in a company’s success with the customers. I think the utilization of customer data is extremely smart for businesses because it helps them cater to the needs of their consumers, which is a win-win. The customers get what they want and the business makes money. Just yesterday I received an email about my apartments water delivery. It reminded me of when the water will be delivered and when I will be billed. Once the water is delivered, a follow up email is sent that is basically a check-in to see how the delivery went and if we need any further help.

  • I think customer relationship management is more important. Customers are really the foundation of every business. If you didn’t have any customers. you wouldn’t have a business.But on the other hand, if a business has a large customer base but not a proper SCM system, they may not be able to handle all of that business, causing things to not run smoothly.

  • Both of the system are critical for a sustained business operation. I would put more attention on SCM simply because it fuels day to day operation by providing fundamental supply for all departments. SCM covers larger area than CRM does. SCM focuses on building a smooth and trusting supply replenishment. However, CRM seems to more important if the business intends to maintain existing customers since CRM could help to enhance loyal relationship.

  • I think that each system is equally important. These systems complement each other. Utilizing, JIT supply systems and having accurate consumer information is essential to operations. Finding a good balance between Dell’s “start from scratch” operating and Lenovo’s educated quarterly estimations is extremely important to keeping inventory low and revenue high. As far as CRMs are concerned, I think that it is important to companies, but as a consumer I find it to be annoying at times. I’m still receiving emails and finding adds on various websites that I visited that deal with items I purchased years ago. At the same time, when I repurchase items it is helpful when a company already has my account information and shipping address so that I can quickly purchase items without having to enter my personal information again. This is especially helpful living on an island, for I make numerous online purchases.

  • I believe that CRM is more important than SCM. CRM is more important because the customer is the source of revenue that helps a business pull a profit or have a loss. If you dont know how to treat your customers, or if you have a bad reputation amongst many of the possible customers in your area, it could be harder foor your business to stay afloat compared to having a strained relationship with your suppliers. However, SCM is very important as well because your customers may be your customers because of an advantage you have with your suppliers compared to other companies. It is also important not to have too much supply or too much of a customer base if you cant satisfy the need to sell goods or meet all the customers’ demand.

  • I think CRM is more important for a business. Relationships with customers are the most valuable thing to a business. Being able to manage this effectively gives you a huge boost. These relationships will create new ones that last a long time.

  • SCM and CRM are equally as important. While CRM is important for leads and and customers, the SCM is important for actual delivery of services/product to the customer. I have used Pipedrive to manage dealflow for a VC fund in the past and it help drastically in organization.

  • I believe that both systems are useful to a functioning business in there own ways. SCM systems are effective for figuring out what type of inventory system to use. CRMs are great for helping to figure out what product to make and who is likely to buy it. Data collection is a hot button issue right now and I do believe there is a line to draw as to how much can be stored about people in order to protect privacy.

  • In a highly regulated business like a company in biotech or pharmaceuticals, SCM is more important because in order to have a good customer relationship you have to have perfect traceability and regulation of the supply chain or your customers wont buy from you. However in most other industries this CRM is more important.

  • Both CRM and SCM are essential for success in a business. However if I would had to pick one, it would be CRM. You could have a top SCM that is bound for success, but without CRM how far can it really take you? CRM is crucial in a business because what’s a business without the relationship of with your customers.

  • I think that SCM is more important because without a solid product and availability of it a business can not successfully operate. No matter how much a company focuses on the customers and their data, the product is the core of the business. I think that CRMs are valuable for companies and I see the need for them. As long as the CRMs are obtaining data in an ethical way, I think they serve a very important role in the way that businesses tailor their product for the consumer.

  • For every business, I believe both are needed for a business. Nevertheless, I believe CRM is more important. A company thrives on the relationship they have with their customers. This should always be managed efficiently, and smoothly. Since customers are the reason why a company is successful or not- CRM is the most important. SCM on the other hand is also important, because to have that satisfactory customer relationship, you need to have adequate regulation.

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