MIS 2101.711 – Jonathan Latko – Summer 2018

Weekly Question #6

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Here is the question:

For this weekly question, I am mainly interested in your biggest takeaway from this class.  After spending the last 5 plus weeks learning about how you, as business professionals, will utilize technology in the workforce to be efficient and effective, what do you think is the most important aspect of technology in the workforce?  What key elements can you use to shape your future (or current) outlook?

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  • I have found that implementing good management systems (CRM, SCM, ERP) in an organization can be very effective in advancing a business. These software tools are a very important technology in the workforce and can drive leads to potential customers which will help increase revenue. In addition, these systems are essential to an organization making informed decisions. Better decisions lead to a more successful and profitable organization. Learning data analytics theory and how to gain insight into an organization can better position me for a future in business.

    This class gave me insight into these technologies that I had not heard much about previously. Understanding that these are now becoming key tools for organizations and how they gather information will help me in the future. I wish everyone all the best in future endeavors!

  • I learned a lot during this course. My biggest take away would be work place efficiency. The readings, videos and assignments really illustrated the impact of ERP systems in the business world. Although start up and maintenance fees for ERP systems are substantial, the money saved through the elimination of redundant work processes and the ability to apply real time updates is unparalleled. I don’t believe there to be a “most important” aspect of technology. I would say embracing technology is the most important aspect. The ability to manipulate your business practices through technology is no longer optional for a successful business, it is critical. One of the first examples of MIS I remembered reading at the beginning of class was “We are developing solutions to problems that do not exist yet”. Technology should be embraced and utilized to effectively manage businesses and to also gain competitive advantages.
    I currently use numerous web-based interfaces during my daily work functions. Understanding the value and effectiveness ERP systems can be used for force shaping and to achieve the mission. I am pursing a career in Human Resources outside of the military, so I don’t foresee myself being involved in the maintenance of ERP systems, but I think it is equally important to know the effectiveness of these systems in reaching a common goal. Even if I am not managing these systems, I am still in directly involved through using them daily and it is important to a company to have employees that can provide value feedback in the utilization of these systems.

  • My biggest takeaway from this course is the importance of data integrity. By going through the MaxLabs projects, it became really apparent how much damage incorrect, duplicated, or mis-assigned data can create. Also, using the swimlane diagrams and ERDs showed how critical it is to capture all the data relevant to an entity because so many other entities will depend upon that source for data they need to execute their actions.

  • The most important thing i have learnt this semester is using the systems to manager different parts of a thing. i am a risk major student, if it is possible, i will try to use what i learned in this course to create a complete system and CRM, SCM OR ERP to find the risk part of a case.

  • The most important concept that I have taken away from this class is how efficient different systems are. By figuring out the most effective way to streamline data, companies become so much faster and are better able to handle their large amounts of data. Furthermore, as a Risk Management and Statistics student, I can use my skills in salesforce to add leads on new client prospects. My company uses salesforce to streamline our client data which gives me a leg up on my coworkers because now I am comfortable with this system and how to streamline my information. Thanks for a great summer session!

  • I learned that data is crucial to any business. There is more data than we know what to do with. Using technology to make sense of this data can lead to more efficiency and effectiveness in the business world and also everywhere else as well. This is why data analytics is important. It examines both structured and unstructured data for the purpose of gaining insight and drawing actionable conclusions. We can use this to make conclusions in any field. It is a key part of how organizations collect information to help with the outlook of the future.

  • For me in my place of work the speed of technology and the efficiency of getting information in a timely matter is key and a big take away on how that information is obtained through technology. I know I have said this plenty of times but I work for a trading firm and getting market data from exchanges is important. More important is the speed I have to get executions of to buy or sell options for a customer. The swim lane diagrams showed me the process of how I do an execution. I send the order through an execution platform, that process has more steps than I knew about. The order is sent to a line from our company that is fixed to a specific exchange to where the order is posted. If the exchange is having issues the order will reject and kick back to me therefore not allowing me to send the order. I thought the order just rejected but now I know why and what I learned in this class actually helped me analyze these problems more than before I attended.

  • My biggest takeaway from this course was fully understanding the significance of information systems (CRM, ERP, etc.) in the workplace. Properly utilizing information systems can drastically improve the efficiency, decision making process, and overall performance of a business. I think the most important aspect of technology in the workplace is having ERP systems that are up-to-date, easy to use, and reliable. To better shape my future outlook, it will be beneficial for me to get more experience using current ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics and SAP Business One.

  • I think the most important part of technology is that it gives entrepreneurs more room to be creative. Being able to keep track of sales and leads clears up a lot of mental space to focus on developing your craft. It also makes information more reliable. Once you can keep track of progress it’s easier to identify what’s working or not working. That way you don’t waste time on things with no return. I try to use these in my daily life to keep track of my own progress and goals.

  • My biggest take away is that technology in the work place enables employees to be more productive, use their time more efficiently, and subsequently driving more revenue for the business. Technology saves time and provides optimal solutions when tracking business resources, it helps the different functions of an organization stay be on the same page at the same time and enables the company to stay competitive in the business world. My organization has gone through a ton of changes in the last two years and although it is a challenge sometimes, the key part is we are changing for the better by putting an emphasis on building valuable long-term relationships with our customers. Exploring Salesforce in this class and the different ways of organizing the data and staying in touch with the customers was really helpful to me, as we use CRV (Customer Relationship View) at my job to achieve our goal of connecting regularly to our customer base and build their trust. Thank you for an awesome class!

  • In regards to technology in the work place, knowing which system to implement for a specific business is very important with regards to efficiency and financially. It’s important to decide if changing your current system is worth the money and time as well as fully committing to the change with everyone on the same board.

    Using Salesforce and the idea of agile development to continuously upgrade the application while it is in constant use was helpful! It was my first time using both and a great experience.

  • My biggest takeaway from this class is how fast technology changes and how important it is to keep up with advances to stay ahead of competition. It was interesting to learn how ERPs and other systems are changing the workplace and with the jobs that are needed. In order to have a career in the future it will be important to understand this technology and use it to my advantage. The max labs were also useful takeaways as that exposure to salesforce was valuable experience. I feel like I have a better understanding of the back end of how it works and am interested to learn more.

  • My biggest take away from this class was how important it is to properly manage various forms of data. It is extremely important to be able to effieciently transfer data between the different departments of a business. It is also extremely important to be able to gain as much data as possible about a company’s customer base so that they can put out the best product for the market.

  • My biggest takeaway from this class was learning the importance of the different systems, data, and how extremely important it is for it all to be protected and efficient. I also really enjoyed using to the max labs and discovered that many companies have or are in the process of switching over to Salesforce for their CRMs so that was an added benefit to become somewhat familiar with the system. I think that having a proper, efficient system for a business is key for its success. There is a lot that I can take away from this course that I can use to shape my current and future outlook since I think my knowledge in this field was and still is a little behind. I think getting a better grasp of MIS will certainly give me a better advantage in future business.

  • Data organization and how it leads to efficiency in the workplace is my most important takeaway from class. Organizations that utilize well-structured systems and business processes are going to have a core foundation that can lead to an advantage over competition. The advancement of technology happens so fast that an understanding of how technology now will prepare me for success in the future.

  • My biggest takeaway from this class is the efficiency of all the systems that we have used. As a business professional, I think the most important aspect of technology in the workforce is the relationship from one department to another to which data and such transfers. a key element I can use to shape my future or outlook is the importance of choosing the right system for better efficiency for you and your organization as there are different types of successful systems.

  • The most important takeaway this class has taught me about business is how to be efficient. Efficiency in the workplace goes hand in hand with productivity. And with high productivity comes great returns $… ERP systems are crucial in learning to make sure your business is running efficiently and effectively. Over the past 5 weeks we have been making labs, that show us how to create and effectively communicate different aspects of a website and of a business. This class is beneficial to changing how we make the next step in effective business. I feel like i have a better understanding on how big and even small businesses can effectively implement ERP and other systems we have learned. Salesforce was helpful in the aspect of constantly changing and updating your site in order to adjust and track what is needed in order to meet customer satisfaction.

  • Information systems are essential to business processes in a variety of industries. Understanding how systems function at a high level is mandatory for any business person. Regardless of whether you are an MIS major or not, it would be prudent to take the skills and concepts learned in this class and expand on them. In particular, ways to migrate legacy systems to newer more efficient ERP & CRM systems. Understanding User Acceptance Testing and the importance of this process will allow you to help management and staff implement new systems more efficiently. Ultimately, recognize that these systems are here to stay. Learning how they function can set you apart from workplace competition and allow you to excel in the field.

  • The most important takeway I have from this course is that how CRM and SCM influence everyday business operation. Behind every customer service desk. My thought on CRM was not very different from any other business implementation. CRM organizes users with their respective customers by allocating contact information. I also learned that how influential how ERP system is. It improves work efficiency along with productivity. From using Google Analytics, I could now review the result of my web site in an analytical standpoint and to breakdown data, it turns data into a tool for improvement.

  • I have taken lot away from this course, the variety of systems used, and what is the most efficient system for specific tasks. I have learned a lot from the labs, utilizing hand on material that helps me absorb information. I think these labs were helpful because not only were we doing it ourselves but we were being walked through the correct way ensuring that the out come would be correct. I also think the repetition within the labs were helpful because in order to get the correct outcome we would have to enter information is several times giving us the repetition we need for the process to stick in our minds. I think the future of business is now. With different more complex systems being built everyday we are gentrifying our world as we know it.

  • MY biggest takeaway from this course aside from learning how ERP, decision trees, and how CRM systems can be utilized to effectively run a business is also the utilization of google analytics and how creating a page or site that is linked to your business can greatly assist in analyzing which aspects of your business needs improvement. There are various ways that google analytics can be used to get feedback from the people that visit your page and how effective your site is in generating the appropriate referrals. Now take that aspect of analytics and mix it in with your CRM systems and the other various types of systems and the data collected there , and now you have different outlooks as to where your business is efficient and where it needs improvement. This course was very helpful in understanding how these systems work separately, can be used together to create efficiency, and most importantly what effects it has on doing business as a whole.

  • With technology in the workforce, it is important that people keep up. Technology is constantly evolving in order to maintain efficiency and improve response time. If a person in the workforce isn’t willing to or can’t keep up with these rapid changes, they’ll fall behind and in the long run be replaced. ERP systems are a great way for me to understand Info Systems and I plan to continue to use them in the future.

  • My biggest takeaway from this class is that Management information is an essential need within all businesses evolving today. Every type of company can benefit from it, no matter how large or small, and its entire process is to make systems and processes run more smoothly so that you can focus on other aspects that can not be systematized such as the creativity aspect. The elements that I am most likely to benefit from would be swimlanes. I have always had trouble seeing out systems, but the visual aspect of swimlanes makes it significantly easier for myself and anyone else with little technological experience to use. This class has helped me realize how critical things such as CRM systems are when starting my own business and running it.

  • My biggest takeaway from this class is how ERD’s effect the business world. I believe ERD’s are the most important aspect to a business who utilizes it correctly. ERD’s can save a company millions or billions of dollars and are at a price of millions of dollars as well. They are an investment that require plenty of time and planning in order to initiate. ERD’s help businesses to combine loads of data to help make business run smoother and cheaper. Another thing i was able to learn from this class were the stages in which ERD’s are implemented. These steps are important because the planning and implementing process of ERD’s is very important as if they arent implemented properly it can destroy a business. ERD’s are also constantly developing as they continue to grow into new markets such as making ERD’s for mom and Pop businesses. Overall, technology plays a leading role in our business culture in the modern world and this role will continue to grow. Information systems are necessary to keep up with the changing business world.

  • My biggest takeaway from this class is how implementing a system like an ERP for example, is advantageous to the point that without one a business would struggle to keep up or stay a float in todays markets. Computing systems are so integrated into businesses today that it is unlikely that I will ever go to a new job again that doesn’t have some sort of computing system. Also I was impressed to hear that implementing an ERP system that would cost 100,000,000 dollars would be able to pay itself off within a few years because it makes the business run that much more efficiently.

  • My biggest takeaway from this class I think would be the concept of ERP. I already use an ERP every day in my job, but learning about it made me realize how important it is, and how it helps my job processes run smoothly. I learned how having ERP as well as CRM are helpful aids for a successful business. Implementing an ERP as well as training in ERP usually is well worth any businesses investment, and helps greatly in the long run.

  • My biggest lesson in this class is how fast technology changes and how important it is to keep up with the advances to stay ahead of the competition. It was interesting to learn how ERPs and other systems are changing the workplace and the jobs that are needed. To have a career in the future, it will be important to understand this technology and use it to my benefit. The max labs were also useful, since exposure to Salesforce was a valuable experience. I feel that I have a better understanding of how it works and I am interested in learning more.

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