MIS 2901.002 – Amy Lavin – Spring 2018


MIS2901 Section 2
CRN: 35865
MWF – 9-9:50AM  – Alter Hall 603



Amy Lavin

Speakman Hall, Room 209G
Office hours:  Monday – 1-2PM, Friday – 10-11 AM and by appointment


Course description

Information Systems in Organizations introduces students to core concepts of management information systems. Students learn to identify and analyze organizational systems and processes using techniques including conceptual diagramming, process decomposition, and data modeling; gain experience in identifying and using multiple types of systems used by organizations ranging from start-ups to global enterprises; and, analyze consumer information systems to understand multiple approaches to systems architecture, the power of network effects and platforms, and the importance of digital identity management. Ethical issues in use of information systems and the role of systems in business careers are also covered.


MIS2101/2901 was completely redesigned for the fall of 2015.  Credit for this redesign goes to Professor Steven Johnson. The work done by Professor Johnson makes a bold intellectual statement about innovative techniques that enable students to develop a deeper, more genuine understanding of the most essential topics covered in an MIS course and a departure from the traditional memorization of terms that students take away from a traditional MIS course.