MIS 2901.002 – Amy Lavin – Spring 2018

Honors Extra Credit

Six of the originally scheduled in-class activities will be replaced with a collection of activities which challenge students to explore current events in the IT field.  Working in pairs, teams of students will be required to search the Internet and find an article that is engaging and relevant to the topics covered in that part of the course.  No two teams will be permitted to submit the same article.  Student teams will be required to post the title and a link to their article to the class site.  If another team has already identified the same article, the team will need to search for another engaging and relevant article.  In class we will break up into small groups to identify the best article within the group.  We will then focus on the best articles from each group to identify the best two articles in the class.

The teams which bring the best two articles to class will prepare a short presentation (20 minutes) on their article and will give their presentations in class.  Each member of these teams will receive three extra credit points which will be added to their final grade for the class.

We will have two rounds of honors extra credit.  See the class schedule for details.