MIS3506 Digital Design and Innovation Studio

Spring 2017

Professional Achievement Points Assignment

MIS3506: Digital Design & Innovation
Professional Achievement Points Assignment

Up to 50 points will be awarded

In 3506, we’ve spent time working with a client, gathering requirements and ultimately providing a solution to the client that we hope meets their needs.  Delivering the solution contains two parts – the Justinmind prototype and the accompanying documentation.  For this assignment, should you choose to accept it, you should focus on a process at a former job that may not have been as efficient as possible or you feel could have been done better.  Take that process and break it down step by step (analysis).  Then, using the tools we’ve discussed in class, create a prototype in Justinmind that will improve the efficiency of the process (design).

Your deliverables are:

  1. Scope document – a one page write up of the current process, system requirements and inefficiencies. Include details about what your objectives are for delivering the solution – what do you hope to attain?
  2. A use case that details how the user will utilize your solution
  3. A data schema, detailing what data will be collected
  4. A 1-2 screen Justinmind prototype

Note:  Please combine deliverables 1, 2 & 3 into one word document.

Please upload your prototype and document to the following email address: MIS3506.aev1bl1fev95594y@u.box.com

To receive credit, the files must start with your last name.  

This assignment is due by 11:59PM on April 30, 2017

Pound Cake – Follow Up

Camille provided some follow up details from the interview last week – please see below:

Lipstick colors: Red Velvet, Maraschino Cherry, Apple, Red Bean, Raspberry

Skin Tone Shades: Light, Medium, Warm, Deep, and Rich (We have different names for this, but they’re not finalized yet)

Bloggers/Participants from the first Pound Cake Series:

  1. @loveimanigold :http://bit.ly/2l2W2bH
  2. @sofiyaballin :http://bit.ly/2m4BDk0
  3. @africanchinagirl :http://bit.ly/2lrZkG5
  4. @aizeasowata :http://bit.ly/2lTBuE4

Celebrities we would like to see wearing our brand: Solange Knowles, Jayden Smith, Beyonce, Ashley Graham, Zoe Kravitz, FKA Twigs, Adele, Lupita Nyong’o, Constance Wu, J-Lo, Rihanna, Mindy Kaling…will think of other people.

Current active social media handles: Twitter @PoundCakeCos ; Facebook @PoundCakeCosmetics/

*The educational site is NOT to look like Ben & Jerry’s informational piece

*Just assume there will be a video that lasts for 3 minutes long and then loop (Camille’s vision)

*Just assume, the user will be able to use their cursor and move the models face, zooming in and out to truly see the lipstick/product (Johnny’s vision)

*Color scheme on the website is NOT to be just gold and red…one student brought that up


Videos for Indiegogo campaign–please note these are NOT finalized. These are just the rough edits:



I thought this would be insightful for the students in the class to see to get a better understanding of the deep rooted issues Pound Cake addresses: http://bit.ly/2kFD9Ng.

Here’s the logo: