Week 13 recent Cyber Security News…

In the Cyber Security News lately

Malware detected in Martel’s cameras used by police department (as reported back on 11/17/2015 via ehackingnews.com)…


“iPower Technologies, a U.S security company and network integrator, has discovered a copies of Conficker malware in the Martel Frontline Camera with GPS, one of the largest manufacturers of police in-car video systems in America, whose product is being sold and marketed as a body camera for official police department. When the camera was connected to a computer, iPower’s antivirus software immediately caught the virus and quarantined it.  However, if the computer did not have antivirus actively protecting the computer it would automatically run and start propagating itself through the network and Internet, iPower said in a post. In the iPower virtual lab environment, packet captures were also run on the infected PC to view the viruses’ network activity using Wireshark. The virus, classified as a worm virus, immediately started to attempt to spread to other machines on the iPower lab network, and also attempted several phone home calls to Internet sites.”

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