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Disconnect Link Requested



I wanted to post the link to the site where you can view and download Disconnect search engine and browser.  With Disconnect, the service promises to mask your location to access content as though you’re in a different country, their VPN servers keep you private and allow you to use blocked services, websites and applications, etc…


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Cybercrooks bilk men for 3 times as much money as women

Cybercrooks rip men off for three times as much money as they get from women, according to a new report from the City of London Police.

The report reveals who’s getting targeted, where they live, and how they’re getting conned.

Women aren’t losing as much as men, but they’re being pickpocketed like mad when they go shopping online: they’re 6 times more likely to be targeted by online shopping and auction frauds than men, which the City of London Police suggests points to them being targeted in this arena.

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Week 9 Summary, Question and Article


Wireshark is a major OSINT tool for network packet analyzation; it captures data packets over the internet and presents them in an understandable format.


Wireshark is a multifaceted OSINT tool because it not only allows you to perform network troubleshooting, but also security operations and learning protocol internals.


It allows multi-protocol support, user friendly interface, live trace analysis among other benefits.



How does Wireshark compare to IBM Tivoli?



Seagate Phish Exposes All Employee W-2

An email scam artists last week tricked an employee at data storage giant into giving away W-2 tax documents on all current and past employees.  The W-2 forms contained employee Social Security numbers, salaries and other personal data,

Seagate is offering affected employees at least two-years’ membership to Experian’s ProtectMyID service, paid for by the company.

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Week 2-3 Reading Summary, Question for Class and In the News.

Metasploit-Unleashed Reading Summary:

The Metasploit Framework is a kaleidoscope of information security exploit kits, which encompasses numerous security exploits ready to be launchpad on a variety of architectures and environments.  Moreover, Metasploit is viewed as the one of the most useful open source auditing tools freely available to security professionals today. It has different commercial grade exploits and an extensive exploit development environment.  Not to mention that the passive reconnaissance network tools that can be used for information gathering and web vulnerability plugins, Also, Metasploit serves as a base for developing and automating new discovery techniques and attack methods, thus further compromising the CIA triad.


Question for Class:

With such powerful open source security tool kits available on the market today, how can one protect themselves from becoming the next cyber attack statistic?


In the News:

Linux kernel zero-day flaw puts ‘tens of millions’ of PCs, servers and Android devices at risk; main perception for this flaw appear to have stemmed a memory leak in the “Linux Keyring Facility”, which manages key security data encryption details and encryption keys.

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