Technology and Innovation in the Age of Information

Professor: Adam Alalouf

Sample Presentation

Case Analysis – Sample Team Presentation

This was an outstanding presentation made by Team Pixton’s Guild from one of my sections of 5402 earlier this year. Here are some things I am looking for that this team delivered exceptionally well:

1. Clarity and brevity in your analysis: Say what you need to say, avoid ambiguity and sensory overload.
2. Use images effectively and text sparingly: PowerPoint is not for reading, it is for presenting. Craft a presentation that supports you, not one that distracts the viewer.
3. Be current and accurate in your use of company collateral, graphics, images, etc. Cite your sources.

Pixton’s Guild – Google

Welcome to MIS 5402 : Technology and Innovation in the Age of Information

Course Overview

Organizations that strategically select, manage, and deploy digital business models can prosper in the global economy. Students will use systems and business process thinking to create and analyze strategies for technology-enabled organizational and industrial transformation. They will propose innovative solutions to relevant and complex problems facing organizations in the present day.

We will not use Blackboard for this class. Instead we will use this site which is hosted by and is built on WordPress, a world class open-source blogging tool. This will serve as the main communication and information resource for the course. Please refer to it often throughout the semester.

Coursepack and required readings

Please buy and download the (printable) HBSP coursepack available here.

Additional readings are posted on the course schedule.


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