Professor: Adam Alalouf


Class Meeting Required Preparation in Advance of Class Homework Due
Sunday, August 21 Required Reading:




Aaronson, D. (1998). Overview of Systems Thinking.


Disruptive Technology. Wikipedia.


Free! Why $0.00 Is the Future of Business


Berry, Megan. Cloud Computing 101.


Meeting the Challenge of Disruptive Change. (P)


Case: Airbnb (P)


Case: Google (P)


Required Viewing:


The World is Flat 3.0


The Filter Bubble


Reading Summary


Learn IT #1


Case #1

(Group Presentation)

Sunday, August 28


Required Reading:


Wenger: Communities of Practice.


Scheidies, Nick. 25 Lessons, Quotes, and Productivity Tips from WordPress Founder Matthew Mullenweg.


Case: Adobe (P)


Case: Siemens (P)


Case: Apple (P)


Required Viewing:


The Beauty of Data Visualization


Edward Snowden: Here’s how we take back the Internet

Reading Summary


Learn IT #2


Case #2

(Group Presentation)


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