Professor: Adam Alalouf

Reading Assignments

You will be asked to read several articles, available in the HBSP coursepack and online. Each week, a reading summary will be due at the beginning of class.

Your weekly summary should include the following:

  1. One key point you took from each assigned reading, including the HBSP cases. Keep it to one sentence per reading.
  2. A short paragraph essay reflecting the topics of the weekly readings as a whole. This is an opportunity to analyze the competitive forces at play with digital innovation, ethical issues that you become aware of, or connections that you made between various readings.
  3. One discussion question that you would ask your fellow classmates.

Reading summaries are graded on a pass/fail basis. If you do not complete the assignment, you will not receive credit.

Material listed as (P) are part of course packet available through Harvard Publishing.

  • Christensen, Clayton M.; Overdorf, Michael (March–April 2000), “Meeting the challenge of disruptive change”, Harvard Business Review [Available through TU library]
  • Disruptive technology. Wikipedia.
  • Case: Google (P)


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