Michael Murphy

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: January 2020


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I currently reside in North Philadelphia as a full-time student at Temple University. I’m a double major in both MIS and Entrepreneurship. While living as a student, I also work as a part-time insurance agent, and am both Property and Casualty licensed in PA. I have experience in business management, and have built a profitable business around SEO and Social Media optimization. I’ve also accepted a full-time mobile application development internship for the summer of 2019.

I’ve been passionate about coding and creative design from a young age. When I ended up at Temple, I couldn’t
decide between an MIS major or an Entrepreneurship track, since I was heavily interested in both; so, I decided to
pursue the pair of majors together. This double major has given me a unique perspective of the creative, innovative, and
administrative aspects of business management, while also giving me a strong knowledge of backend processes,
information and code management, and database development. Eventually, I would love to combine my interests in
some sort of technical advisor role, or data analytics consultant.

My background in terms of management information systems extends across a couple different fields. In
addition to the phenomenal education provided to me through Temple and Fox, I’ve also had the opportunity to work
under professional settings in a Fortune 50 company and gained experience with Salesforce ECRM and Excel macros.
Through an internship in Philly doing technical support, I built up my skills surrounding the establishment of multi-
computer professional networks, general troubleshooting, and process optimization. Adding to these fantastic growth
opportunities, through my own personal endeavors, I’ve also become fairly competent with mobile application
development, and have multiple live projects. I’m experienced with BASIC, Java, Python, node.JS, and have working
knowledge of Microsoft Azure, MySQL, Javascript, and HTML/CSS.


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