Michael Murphy

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: January 2020


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Current Classes and Experiences:


MIS 2402:

HTML, JavaScript, and CSS skills were applied and developed. API usage and customization were applied as extra credit. I obtained a perfect score (100%) on every exam.

MIS 3460:

Node.js and IT architecture, including start up scripts, networking, file sharing, and RDP are all included within the developed and mastered skills.  I obtained a near-perfect score (99% average) across all exams.


My MIS experience has also lead me to be able to start and generate a business based around data analytics and submit it to Temple’s entrepreneurial competition. You can see the executive summary here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1w2JS-TnUztp6ooxDvKntexEIrdV8ACWL/view?usp=sharing


Temple and the MIS major have done a fantastic job of training critical areas while also building upon relevant
surrounding skills within their classes. Many courses have a specific focus, but at the same time build surrounding
abilities to make for a well-rounded and versatile education.

A strong example of the range of skills managed by a single course at Fox is IT Architecture and Design (MIS
3502). Within MIS 3502, we worked a great deal with skill development in relation to both Microsoft Azure and node.JS
– but within these two simple focuses there was a great deal of auxiliary knowledge imbedded in the course. Through
the usage of Azure I was able to learn about networking and server management and architecture, logon scripting,
account management, and more, which ended up becoming exceptionally useful in my internship in Philadelphia. It also
helped establish my interest and skill with node and standard PC command prompt utilities. I’m looking forward to
applying these skills in job opportunities moving forward.

Professional Achievements

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