Parth B Patel

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2018


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As a part of MIS 2501 we are challenged to learn and implement virtualization. For our class we use cloud base virtualization in Microsoft Azure to do our tech challenges. Then for fun to learn more I also did the tech challenges on VMware to practices and learn more. The tech challenges help set a fundamental foundation in understanding a companies architecture. We first start out by setting up servers in our case we used Windows Server 2012 R2.


Tech Challenges

  • Set up Virtual Servers, Domain Controller(DC), File Server, Work Station
    • Set up ACDC, DNS, DHCP on the DC
    • Assign all servers static IP address and make DC the primary DSN
    • Have the servers join the domain
  • Create groups and users and drives/folders to share within groups and company wide
    • Making groups like Accounting, Finance, Marketing
    • Add users for the created groups and assign to the various groups
    • Add drives/folders for Company shared, Accounting, Finance, Marketing
      • Map drives, Company shared to domain users, Accounting to Accounting group etc…
    • Create a login in script to map the drives to user login
      • So if Mark from Marketing logs in, he gets to company shared & marketing drives.
  • Add a MySQL Server
    • Attach drives to MySQL server make a Raid-5 volume & Mirror volume
  • Add a Network Monitor(NMON)
    • Install and configure ServerAlive
      • Set up ServerAlive to monitor the MySQL server to see if its up or down and to send an email if the server goes down.
  • Add a WebServer
    • Install and configure, Webserver role and PHP


Here is what the final outcome looks like, by Parth Patel


Professional Achievements

    • Class project Fall 2016

    • Class project Spring 2017

    • Fox IT Career FairFall 2016, Fall 2017

    • Other Career FairFall 2016, Spring 2017, Fall 2017

    • IBIT/CDI Challenge or ConferenceFall 2016

    • Active AIS memberFall 2016, Spring 2017

    • Active TDAP memberFall 2016, Spring 2017

    • AIS professional development workshopFall 2016, Spring 2017

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