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Figma for UX Design

In Eric Nordquist’s course on Figma, I gained a thorough understanding of how to leverage this powerful design tool for various purposes, including review, collaboration, and interaction design. Through detailed instruction, I learned the differences between Figma’s online and desktop versions, as well as how to navigate the interface and design files effectively. The course equipped me with the skills to create projects from scratch, incorporating elements like the hero section, Auto Layout, masks, and more. Additionally, I learned about prototyping techniques, including utilizing interactions and Smart Animate to enhance user experience. Eric also demonstrated how Figma facilitates seamless collaboration among designers, enabling efficient teamwork on projects. Finally, I acquired valuable insights into exporting files from Figma, ensuring that my designs can be shared and utilized across various platforms. Overall, the course provided a comprehensive overview of Figma’s capabilities and how to maximize its potential for design projects.

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