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Related Courses (Directly from Course Description):

MIS 2101: Digital Systems -Learn the role of information systems and digital platforms in business and how digital products are conceived, designed, secured and deployed. Understand component-based software architectures and APIs. Build simple software applications.

MIS 2502: Data and Analytics (Currently Enrolled) – Navigate and query relational and NoSQL databases to support applications. Combine multiple sources of data using extract, transform, load for data cleansing. Discover insights from data using analytics software.

MIS 2402: Web Application Development (Currently Enrolled) – Create web-based applications that carry out a business process and integrate web-based services. Learn loops, arrays, conditional statements, data validation, responsive web design, and making API calls.

Fall 2021: 

STAT 1102: Quantitative Methods for Business II

HRM 1101: Leadership and Organizational Management

ECON 1101: Macroeconomics Principles

ENG 0802: Analytical Reading and Writing

GUS 0861: Urban Dynamics: Global Regional, and Local Connections


Spring 2021:

STAT 2103: Statistical Business Analytics

ECON 1102: Microeconomic Principles

IH II: The Common Good Class

LGLS 1101: The Legal Environment of Business

MIS 2101: Digital Systems


Fall 2022:

MIS 2502: Data and Analytics

MIS 2402: Web Application Development

ACCT 2101: Financial Accounting

MKTG 2101: Marketing Management

IH I: The Good Life

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