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About Me

Hello! Thank you for checking out my E Portfolio. My name is Rich Wagner. I am from Mantua, New Jersey. Currently, I am enrolled as a Senior in the Fox School Business as a Management Information Systems major. I chose this as my major because I have a passion for technology and business. I love learning new things and I am always trying to be ahead of the curve.

My most recent professional experience was working as a student IT consultant for the Institute for Business and Information Technology at Temple. I was matched up with struggling small businesses
during the pandemic to help them integrate online. I met with these clients on a regular basis, identified their problem, then executed the solution. Some work I did for clients include website design, implementing online ordering, and creating user journey maps.

Another professional experience I have is when I worked as an Information Technology Intern for an English Teaching School in Tokyo, Japan! It was an amazing experience and I learned so much about IT in the business world. Data Management and Search Engine Optimization were some of the tasks I focused on. I went in more depth about this position here!

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