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Uncorked by the Sea: 

My first project was working with a wine store from North Carolina. They have been struggling because customers were not coming into their stores during the ongoing pandemic. They needed to add a feature to their site that allowed their customers to order online. However, because of their big inventory it also had to sync with their current POS, so they were not adding hundreds of wines in manually. It also had to be easy to enough to use by people who were not technically inclined. To solve this problem, I first did some research to find a plug in that included all these variables. I found a plug in called Smart Online Order. I then installed it onto their website. The plugin worked and synced everything; however, it was not appealing to the users. To fix this I created a user interface that was attractive and easy to use. This added feature increased their sales by about 10%.

Uncorked by the Sea

Philadelphia Gay Men’s Chorus:

Working with the Philadelphia Gay Men’s Chorus was very interesting. Instead of creating a website or feature we were tasked with creating user journey maps. User journey maps are diagrams that illustrate how a user will complete a certain task on the website. We also had to create personas for the users. These journey maps were then sent to a third party designer to implement them into their design. The journey maps I created were about donating to the chorus, buying tickets, and joining the chorus. Each persona got their own journey map. Overall I really enjoyed with the Chorus and they taught me a lot about user experience.


Power Plant Productions:

We recently completed a project for a unique venue in Philadelphia called Power Plant Productions. Chris, the owner, needed help with creating a new Instagram for her events side of her business, promoting that, SEO, and updating her site. I was responsible for the SEO and updating her site portions. What I did for the SEO was create an audit for her current site which looked at specific SEO requirements such as H1 tags, ssl cert, alt tags, etc. I then went into the site, fixed what needed to be fixed, and then explained to her what SEO was and what to look out for the next time she posts something on her site. After that, I updated parts of her website including her landing page and various formatting throughout the site. Overall I really enjoyed helping out Chris and her venue. I learned how meticulous SEO can be. I also learned how important the landing page is and how perfect it needs to be.

Power Plant Productions

True Blue Bakery:

Nicole and I’s last project was with the Aussie style bakery, True Blue Bakery. We had to help the owner Fiona with a website redesign, SEO improvements, and online ordering improvement. Nicole dealt with the website redesign while I worked on the SEO and online ordering. I updated her site map so web crawlers could better read it and also did keyword research to see how she can pop up on Google the best. To help with her online ordering I downloaded some Wix apps that were dedicated to restaurants. These apps allowed her to create delivery zones and also be able to place orders online easier. I then implemented them into the site and showed FIona how to use them. Overall, this project went very smoothly. The most difficult part was learning how to use Wix but I just watched some YouTube and read some articles.

True Blue Bakery

Cherry’s Baking Company:

The Cherry’s Baking Company project was definitely the biggest project I have had thus far. My partner, David, and I were tasked on helping Teresa , the business owner, better improve her site and eCommerce features. To get some of the features she wanted such as customs cakes we had to switch platforms from GoDaddy to WordPress. This meant we also had to switch hosting services which was something we had learn how to do during the project. Once we figured that out we then had to start from square 1 and design her new site. Our beginning meetings were mainly focused on that and what she liked the best. Afterwards, we started working on her eCommerce and we decided that WooCommerce was the best option. It had to be able to sync with Square. We then designed the store interface and included all the options Teresa wanted. Finally, we implemented a SEO strategy to help her get more of an online presence. This project was difficult but very rewarding. I am glad I got to work on this.

Cherry’s Baking Company

Donlon Distribution: 

The Donlon Distribution project was a very challenging but fun project. My partner, Ashley, and I were tasked on helping Kelly, the business owner, remake her site and add a catalog feature where users could request a quote for products. To do this we first changed her site builder from GoDaddy to Wix. We then started to design the site. We wanted something smart, simple, and clean since her customer base were businesses. Once we had a design for the site going we started working on the catalog. Unfortunately due to the limitations of Wix, there is no “easy” way to add a request a quote feature. To be able to add this we had to go to the Wix back end and program it our self using Javascript! The script took the data of what the user chose and then it added it to a database where the requests would be stored. Kelly would then be notified of the request on the Wix dashboard. Finally, we finished the project with basic SEO strategy implementation which included creating a sitemap and deciding what keywords to use. I really enjoyed this project. Kelly was fantastic to work with and we are very satisfied with the finished product.
Donlon Distribution

KB School Supply: 

The KB School Supply project ended up being a great project. KB School Supply was a new business venture that our client, Kyung, was interested in starting. My partner, Ruiqi, I’s scope of work for this project included a new website, an ecommerce feature that synced some of Kyung’s inventory, and finally a SEO implementation plan. The most difficult part about this project was deciding between which platform to use to build the site. Our choices were narrowed down between Wix and Shopify. I have used Wix before in multiple successful projects so I was leaning towards that. However, after more research Ruiqi and I decided on Shopify. We felt that this fit his business better due to the dedicated ecommerce features. The rest of the project went smooth. I focused mainly on importing the inventory and other ecommerce features while Ruiqi focused on the design. Kyung was a great client. Ruiqi and I are proud of this project as well as Kyung!
KB School Supply
Client Reviews

“There are so many things you all did well. You obviously have the technical expertise to do much more than I asked for. You went above and beyond learning what you may not have known (although I think you may have known most of it and just had to “check” it) To me, the most important thing was the communication! You set up each meeting within a timely manner, did what you said you would do, made sure I as a low-tech client understood it and then taught me how to do it myself. You were all personable and listened to what I was asking for and provided it.”- Donlon Distribution


“SEO was definitely something I didn’t understand with any depth and didn’t know how to improve.  The website look was the best I could come up with, but definitely needed someone with design training to rearrange.  And I simply didn’t have time to look into the other store options.  The site now looks better, flows better, and the storefront works in the way we need.”- True Blue Bakery


“From discussing our needs during the zoom calls to actually doing the work, you’ve been efficient and productive. Your follow up and follow through is most useful since you synthesized what we needed, set goals to accomplish them made sure they were done. ” – Power Plant Productions


“…they delivered on what was stated in the scope and it helped me a lot to start on e-commerce website.” – KB School Supply






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